Topic: Do you know any foreign languages?

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I know a lot of people on here are not from English-speaking countries, so obviously you guys know a foreign language, but what of the majority of us? I know also a lot of people on here don't seem to know their own language well enough to be able to spell, either.

I used to know Spanish pretty well, but I stopped studying. Now I'm working on Japanese, but it's WAY harder than Spanish. But, that's not saying much because Spanish is a really easy language to learn.

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I studied Latin for 4 years, but can't claim to "know" it.

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English (native)
French (5 years in school, forgot most of it)
Italian (Rosetta Stone software, better at reading it than speaking it)


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I'm from Holland and in school we get a few foreign languages. Apart from Dutch, I speak English, German and a bit of French.

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Portuguese (I'm Brazilian)
I can understand and communicate in Spanish
English (fluent)
日本語 (japanese) - learning
So I know 3 foreign languages ^^
I guess the next step is French, German or Chinese, but I'm no t sure :/



Spanish. Used to live 10 miles from the Mexican border in Rio Rico, AZ. I had to learn it to survive!

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A little bit of Spanish.
I hate Spanish... so much.

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I'm Portuguese
Foreign languages known at the moment:
English-I think I know it pretty well since at school i get 98% in the tests.
Spanish- Learning but I'm one of the best in my class.
Next I'm going to try to learn Japanese! Arigato!
Oh and I'm a 12 year old boy!

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I'm from Germany I'm 15.
I know German (native)
and a few words Thai since my neighbours are Thai

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took two years of French in high school... didn't keep practicing, though, and if you don't use it, you lose it. I understand a little bit of Spanish (not enough for conversation, but enough to read signs and understand what people are asking for at work and stuff), and I understand and can speak some work-related and conversational Japanese. i can also read kana, and i've picked up some common/low-grade kanji, too.

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I started learning japanese got a firm grasp on the grammer and sentance particals but got bored with it before my vocabulary got anywear... Anata wa watashi neko tabemasen ka

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Je parle un peux de francais, (mais pas tres bien)

I'm out of practice in speaking Al Bhed.

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I can speak Chinese pretty well (though I wouldn't consider myself fluent). I also studied some Japanese, but I've forgotten most of that.

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