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Corbie wrote:

What the hell is a pillock?

I often wonder if foreigners understand us British.


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Terranigma wrote:

Corbie wrote:

What the hell is a pillock?

I often wonder if foreigners understand us British.

I wouldn't know considering I'm not British, I'm English .

I'm a Paul Heyman guy.

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I don't usually smoke, but I've been trying to quit my gum-chewing habit, so I think I might take up smoking to ease out of it.

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To add to this discussion about how stupid smokers are. Someone I know, a 23yr old who hardly drinks and has NEVER smoked, was diagnosed with lung cancer, and he was really ill for quite some time. He's on the other side of it now thank goodness, but just goes to show you, it's not as straight forward as some think.

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Terranigma wrote:

Corbie wrote:

What the hell is a pillock?

I often wonder if foreigners understand us British.

No I Don't Smoke.
Why pay to die?

Signature? Here? No way!


Only cigars on occasion.



Nopeses, and lols at the 'pillock' confusion!
Us Brits and our crazy words...

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no. never.

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nope been smoke free for my whole life.

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grenworthshero wrote:


It's like we have our own language or something

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I have asthma, and yet I've grown up in a house where my parents smoke, and so I've developed a natural dislike for people who smoke - If I get to know someone and I then find out they smoke, my opinion of them plummets drastically. Oh the look on my face when I walked into the kitchen to see my younger brother smoking a cigar. The smell of regular cigarettes are bad enough, but the smell of a cigar is much more potent and fills the house. All I could think was "What an idiot!"

I wish it wasn't this way, but I have no respect for people who smoke, despite it clearly cutting their life short (or the lives of those around them). Speaking of which, I also dislike (to a much greater degree) mothers or fathers of babies in prams* who smoke while doing their child's shoelaces up etc. Children from a very young age being exposed to cigarette smoke, and no doubt right up to the age of 18 (if they choose not to take up the habit instead).

Also, I am a bit neurotic.

(* Americans may call them "baby buggies")

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@edhe: Jesus Christ, so you have asthma, and your parents smoke in your presence?! What the..

Time to dig a couple of holes in the back garden me thinks.



8 years ago I gave up smoking & meat on the same day. I didn't miss the meat just the cigarettes.
Even today when I see one of those "this is your lung" ads it makes me want one!

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I quit a few months ago.

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Jerichoholic+Josh wrote:

Used to smoke "marijuana cigarettes" lol

"Used to"? Gasp! What happened?

Anyway, I smoke cigarettes occassionally- but I'm a real sucker for Swedish snus.

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almost evryone in my highscool smoked but I dident
True Story: this one kid was haveing a smoke between class's and when he arived late to class the teacher said "you arent suposed to smoke between class's" and he said "I wasent smokeing" and the teacher said "your pant's are on fire" since he put his cigeret in his pocket rather then throwing it out

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