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I did not notice the Twinbee. Maybe I'll get it and order the case. it sounds much better then the icon one I have that only holds 9 DS games and 7 stylus .

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i have not received my platinum reward, should I be worried?



Morphtroid wrote:

The 3DS game case was the last thing I ordered before my account got blocked earlier this year (Not american enough lol). I haven't even seen it yet!
I can't wait to visit my uncle's house in two weeks and finally use it.

Nice to see it's available again. I would order another if I could.

How'd you get blocked? If you aren't in America, couldn't you use The UK or JP CN instead?

Anyways, I don't really care about the card case (Got one earlier), so I'm saving for the game and watch ball game. I love to collect the G&W!

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Well, I lost my only hope of getting any of the currant rewards... Oh well...


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Just hit Platinum status from registering all my Christmas games!

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Does the gold nunchuk always go instantly when they restock it? How do you guys know when it will happen? Do you just keep going back and checking every day?



@Svengoolie - I wouldn't assume instantly, since you can't pre-order a reward when it's on backorder, but because demand is greatly exceeding supply, they go really quickly. We tend to know when they return because NOA announces when popular rewards (i.e. the golden Nunchuk and 3DS Card Case) come back quietly (usually via their Facebook page). iirc the nunchuk returns on January 19th (though that may be wrong; I'm fairly certain I posted about it a few pages back).

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I still need to register the two 3DS games I got for Christmas. That should put me at gold status.


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RR529 wrote:

I still need to register the two 3DS games I got for Christmas. That should put me at gold status.

Very nice. I just hit gold status myself. Got it when I registered my Wii U.

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After registering my friends 3DS XL, I got up to 240 coins, which is 10 coins short from getting the 3DS Game Case thing. -_-#

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I just hit platinum status and I ordered the classic Super Mario shirt ^_^

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Twinbee isn't my cup of tea but the rewards are getting better! I already have Metroid II... also now I'm a Platinum member!

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Unless it gets put back up the 3DS Game Card Case is on the Unavailable list and will be gone for a while or forever.


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My game card case arrived yesterday, I'm glad I ordered it while I could.
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I hope new rewards are added soon, I have lots of coins to burn through.

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Just as a reminder that if you want to redeem your coins for games and if you want the Donkey Kong: Original Edition game, both deals will end after this coming Sunday 1/6/13.


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