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Hey, look at your callander. We are just about finished 2012. 2012 was a great year for gaming. What were your remeberable gaming moments this year. Here are some of mine.
The Kid Icarus Idol Card Collecting Spree: So I go to my local mall finding that they are offering Kid Icarus Cards for a limited time. Because it was the end of the day I got 10 packages. When scanning them all, I ended up getting enough Hearts to buy the best weapon hearts can buy.
4 Hour Stakeout: Long story short, I waited 4 Hours at my local GameStop for the launch of the Wii U. Why did I wait so long you ask? I was too little, too late into pre ordering my console. Lucky for me they had some extra models of the cool console.
1,000,000 The moment I got 1,000,000 coins for NSMB2. Takes some real greed and 70 hours worth of my time in order to make Mario a millionaire, for no apparent reason...

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Knowing EVERY 1st party game for WiiU and 3DS are able to be DLed
1,000,000 coins
Finding treasures in Wario Land 4
Metroid Fusion VS SA-X
My no death run in LOZ for NES

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Waking up at 7 on a Saturday and taking the bus an hour away from my house to get Kid Icarus at Best Buy for 15 bucks. Should've done the B2G1 free deal.

Getting denied a deal at GS to then call the district manager at might and end up getting the deal the next day. 7 dollar MK7

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  • Experiencing Metal Gear Solid 3 for the first time. Truly a masterpiece of the gaming medium.
  • Playing through Tales of the Abyss. While JRPGs are my favorite genré, it's been a long time since I've played something as special as the original Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy X. TotA reinvigorated that magical spark.
  • The DENPA Men: They Came by Wave, prooving that the eShop is capable of housing worthwhile JRPGs for a budget price.


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Discovering the awesomeness of Twin Peaks: The Video Game ... erm ... i mean, Deadly Premonition.

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-Just experiencing the major plot of Xenoblade Chronicles from Prison Island on. Also owning that boss whose name I forget in Inner Bionis with the popular Melia techniques. So fitting.
-The music used for that one ridiculously long sidequest ending boss in Xenoblade Chronicles. Legit laughed out loud at how super dramatic it was.
-Actually winning an online match against decently talented people in a non-team battle in a game that isn't Halo 1 PC (Kid Icarus Uprising btw).
-Accomplishing most of La Mulana (so far) with minimal help from walkthroughs.
-The awesome action set piece-like parts of Assassin's Creed 3 and getting the more ridiculous optional objectives.
-Beating the last level of Rayman Origins (with a friend!) after failing for over an hour at it. I bought it this year so it counts. And in general beating the entire game in a day. That's honestly the most amount of time I've played a game in a row ever.

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Journey. Any moment, even just walking forward in the desert, is memorable.

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Although, there is more I wanted to experience than I was able to. I haven't been able to play Assassin's Creed 3, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, Dead or Alive 5, Code of Princess, Journey, Crimson Shroud, COD:BO2, Resident Evil: Revelations, or Paper Mario: Sticker Star yet (although I hope to get a few of these titles over the next couple months).


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Petit Computer is the game/app I have played the most on my 3DS.
Everything, from downloading it to making my first program to using it to waste time writing useless small codes (and see them work) or playing other's programs has been pretty great.

Getting my 3DS XL and playing for the first time.

Catching that damn Lapras in the last turn of its Perish Song in Pokemon White 2.

Bating both Metroid Fusion and II.

Hmmm what else...
Oh well. I can't remember all I did this year but I'm sure I had other great gaming moments.

Oh yeah, playing Aerith's theme (and others) in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy was pretty magical too.

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Aside from the bikini DLC:

Opening the Wii U was a pretty magical experience. That the most enjoyable games on the console are just ports is irrelevant, the Wii U has potential - I look forward to seeing it take off.

Crimson Shroud singlehandedly restored my faith in the 3DS as a gaming platform.

Watching the iPad really take off with a massive range of superb games has been a great thing too. Apple is doing some really great things for the games industry.


For me... In no order.

  • Kid Icarus: Uprising- I hardly play it any more, but I loved it wholly. The dialog, the weapons, the online, etc., it was just so fantastic! I need to get back into the game soon.
  • The Wii U- It's a new Nintendo console... And it's awesome...
  • The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave- Totally took me by surprise. I expected for it to be just a fun time waster, but I'm getting more engrossed in it each time I play. That's not to say I didn't expect good from it... It just exceeded my expectations a lot!
  • Skylanders: Giants- Sue me. I expected this to be a poor sequel. It's not groundbreaking to those who already liked the original and neither will it convert many but it just fixed so many of its issues for me, and for that alone it gets noted as one of my top gaming moments.
  • Mutant Mudds DLC- I was super late to actually notice this, but I love Mutant Mudds a lot. I did an all nighter finishing all of those Grannie levels and it reminded me of how much I liked that game. So it gets a mention.
  • Replaying the original Spyro trilogy- How do you say nost- oh yeah... PERACTORUM. It's not the first time I replayed them, but I hadn't touched them since refinishing them last year, so it was good breaking them out again. I actually cried going through Year of The Dragon.
  • Actually buying the Crash trilogy again- this task has been on my list for years. It's great just to know that they're heading my way and I'll get to play them again, As a kid I would play Warped obsessively trying to get as many Platinum as possible(I actually got the 105% mark), and I loved Cortex Strikes Back but the copies were pirated so there was an error where one of the levels after the Komodo Brothers' fight just caused the game to Crash(BA DUM TISS!). This will be my first time playing the original also.
  • Pokemon White 2- This is easily my worst of the stuff on this list, but I still enjoyed it more than I expected to... It's new mainstream Pokemon so it's pretty much good by default.

I just did lots of random replays this year.

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Replaying all the classic 3DS games on the XL.
Metal Gear Solid 3 on the 3DS.

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Still waiting for it. 3DS XL and Wii U are both coming next Tuesday.


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I can't believe I forgot these. When I bought my Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collection, it came with everything a Street Fighter wanted. 4 Games, plenty of DLC, a Ryu Figure, his belt, a beautiful illstration book, Movies and the Cartoon series, and enough Street Fighter music to turn you into a street fighter.
But my top moment of 2012 was crashing LordJumpMad's and Emeralds' game of Mario Kart 7. Best Moment Ever.

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It might be yet to come, but here's what I have so far.

Mario Kart 7 Best Moment Ever: I had recently met @Prof_Clayton, and was racing one day with a few other people. We were on Waluigi Pinball, which is probably the stage I'm best at. We were at the 2nd-to-last turn on the last lap, and I was in 1st. However, @Prof_Clayton threw a banana right in front of me, and I slipped, and he passed me. I had a green shell and though "What the heck, only chance I have" (I'm not all that great at aiming) so I threw it, it hit the wall, bounced back and hit Clay, allowing me to go the small distance and win the race.

Kid Icarus: Uprising in every aspect. My favorite game of all time now in fact. I think what made it even better though was: I wasn't even planning on getting it until launch day. I didn't really have high expectations for it either. I went through it the first time and thought it was ok, but then I went through it again and actually listened to the dialog, the music, and everything else, and loved it. The online is so much fun, and the replayability is endless.

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword: I finally beat it, and overall, I really really liked the game. The ending was great and totally worth it, and now I need to go play OoT and MM. Maybe those, LMDM, NSMBU, NLand, and ACNL will show up on my list for next year.

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Wii U launch and Transformers Fall of Cybertron's SPOILER "Press L3 to shut up Starscream" during starscream's corination. SPOILER

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