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Reyn Time.

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1. DLC bikinis in Dead or Alive 5

But no jiggle physics, no?

What? It has jiggle :-/

Ah, my bad. I swear I read you complaining about there being no jiggle physics in the game.

I complained that they made the characters look more human this time around, and that's still a point of contention that I have. And the jiggle physics are more... realistic this time around, and I'm not sure that was the right direction to take either.

But yeah, it's there. And the DLC costumes are so outlandish and silly that they help compensate for the complaints I have about the main game.


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Reyn Time.

I foresee what you'll do there.
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-Getting 1,000,000 coin on NSMB2. I acheived this goal on 12/12/12.
-Kid Icarus: Uprising - Easily one of my favorite games .
-Wii U - I love my new Wii U and I cannot wait to see what great things lies ahead for this brilliant new console.
-Pokemon White 2 - I was really excited about this one and it delivered. I progressed through this game with my brothers, and we battled at certain intervals. Many a great battle was had.
-Reyn Time

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Everything @kkslider said about Xenoblade.

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  • La Mulana has to be not only my best gaming moments of 2012 but one of my best video game moments in my video gaming life!!!!! Challenges everything you think you know about video games and pushes you to the limit. Without mercy, barely any guidance, and straight up ridiculous but solvable puzzles!!!
  • Xenoblade Chronicles - Pretty much the entire game counts as one of my favorite moments in 2012. Just an amazing RPG experience on a whole other level.
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising - Haven't played a single player action/shooter/rpg this entertaining in a looooong long time. I've never played a game quite like this before. Extremely unique game with tons of replay value. Easily one of my favorite games in the past 5 years.
  • Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn - The game came out long ago but I finally got around to it this year and it's easily my favorite FE game overall mainly because of the extreme amount of detail and in depth gameplay that has even further additions to the genre.

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Probably beating Portal 2 (I just got it this year). I won't give anything away to those who haven't played it but the ending is amazing. A lot of the ending was spoiled for me and it almost ruined it.

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Oh yes, Zelda II. I can't believe I forgot that one.

After I beat it, I ran into a nearby school's parking lot and yelled obscure words about Zelda. It was the first Legend of Zelda I completed, lol.

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Completing Metroid Prime Hunters multiple times after completing Xenoblade Chronicles - As I played Xenoblade Chronicles, I did not complete a single run in Metroid Prime Hunters. That's 130+ hours worth of game time away from Hunters, and during that run through Xenoblade, it became my favorite game of all time. Returning to Hunters, it stood up against that incredible experience and I began finding it appealing in new ways. While not knocking Xenoblade down a peg completely, Metroid Prime Hunters shares the status of my favorite game of all time.

Completing Xenoblade Chronicles - I have only completed Mario and Pokemon RPG games before, and have never completed an action RPG prior to Xenoblade Chronicles. At first, I was a bit concerned with this game, but did decide to purchase it at a local Gamestop. I figured, with all the praise, it at least deserved a chance in spite of my history with RPGs. First major area, Colony 9, blew me away and it continued to get better from there. A 4-5 hour sitting with a game for me is a thrill as I know the current game has me sucked in, and as a gamer I love that feeling. That normally happened on occasion, but with Xenoblade, almost every time I start up a file, I'm putting in those hours.

Playing Mutant Mudds - Renegade Kid became a developer to keep an eye on after my experience with Moon and my hype for ATV Wild Ride and easpecially Dementium II. When I first heard of Mutant Mudds, it wasn't Mutant Mudds. At the time, the concept behind Mudds was a 3D action platformer, which I would have loved for DSiWare. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough support to back the realization of that release, fortunately, that lead to reworking the concept into a retro 2D platformer. I found myself regularly checking out Jools Watshams blog, listening to his video posts and reading his discussion posts, to hope that some more news on Mutant Mudds would be revealed. One video left a lasting impression on me, and that's the one where he went into how he handles level creation and he showed a design of a level for the 3rd region. It's this care for the experience that made me more excited for the upcoming release, and when I sat down with the game, I had a smile on my face as that charm just rushed out. To this day, it is my most played game that I can only play on the 3DS. I'll be revisiting it soon to play through the Grannie levels.

Dementium II - I have turned on Dementium II only once, and that was on October 28th of this year. I completed the game in one sitting, around 5 hours 30 minutes, and turned it off after the credits with a smile. Not sure where I would put it specifically, but this game is in my Top 5 favorite games of all time. I have never played through a game looking forward to what's next so much, whether it be the next monster to take down or next blood spatter to see. Dementium II may be the most engrossing game I ever played on first playthrough.

Beating Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time (3D) - I just did this about half an hour ago, and what a game this is. Having completed it, I can understand the reception this game has gotten most notably the best game of all time claims. I plan on starting a second run after I wake up later this morning, as I want to experience this game unhindered by puzzles which broke my pace up a bit in the first run. Is OoT my favorite Zelda? Not Sure. Is it in my Top 10? Not sure either. I will say that the potential is there for Ocarina of Time to climb into my Top 5.

Favorite Game: Metroid Prime Hunters


Kid Icarus: Uprising - Oh man, this one was the biggest reason I wanted a 3DS, which I had managed to procure late the previous year. I was already expecting it to be amazing, but it far surpassed my greatest imagining. The music, story, appearance, weapon system, stellar voice acting and more immediately put this at the top of my 3DS favorites, and even among my top favorites games overall. I actually haven't played it for a while, but over the past two weeks I've completely gotten back into the game, unlocking more treasure hunt achievements. Yes, KI:U reigns supreme as the greatest 3DS game, until perhaps Smash Bros. eventually comes to steal that title.

Pikmin 2 - I have to be honest, I really didn't know about the Pikmin series until recently. But after I played the first installment I instantly loved it. For the longest time I wanted to play Pikmin 2, but couldn't since I didn't have a GameCube (or controllers). But when I heard that P2 finally got released for Wii, I quickly seized the chance and snatched myself a copy. Even though I already knew much of what was going to happen (I watched videos on YouTube showing the whole game since at the time I figured I'd never get to play it) it was still an amazing experience. I played it 100% at least over ten times, perfecting my score each time. I can even do no-death runs easily. Over time, the Pikmin series has become one of my favorites, right up there with the likes of Mario and Kid Icarus. I eagerly await the day when Pikmin 2's successor graces the Wii U, when at last I can grow my plant-like troops in glorious HD.


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Playing the wonderful game Tales of Madness~ :3

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Journey, when I reached the Apotheosis. I played. I cried. I can quit gaming peacefully knowing that I played this.

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