Topic: which DS do you have?

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pre-release silver DS Phat
white DS Lite
lightblue DSi
Reshiram & Zekrom Edition DSi
burgundy DSi XL
red Limited Mario Edition DSi XL
black 3DS
silver 3DS XL

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You could probably fix the Lite fairly easily if you wanted to - I've repaired a couple and it wasn't too hard. (Replacing hinges, top and touch screens, which seem to be the things that fail most on a DSL).

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I have a Cosmo Black 3ds and a broken White ds

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A (nearly broken) Black DS Lite
A (partly broken) Black DSi
A (still fully working) Black 3DS

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A Japanese White DS Lite. It's pretty knackered now.
A European Silver DS Lite. It's holding up very well.
A Black European DSi. The L-button no longer works despite treating it well. Attempts to unjam the button resulted in the touch screen's image looking worse.
A Metallic Blue European DSi. It still works great and it's my choice for DS games.
An Aqua Blue European 3DS. Its touchscreen is no longer accurate but everything else about the system is a-ok. I kept it for multiplayer/streetpass reasons.
A Silver and Black European 3DS XL. This thing is still new and is working great for me.

Used to have a silver DS Phat, but I sold it to a guy who was still playing his Gameboy Color in 2007.



The 3D one.

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White DS Lite ( touch screen responds in the wrong areas)
Light Blue DSi ( Works fine)
Aqua Blue 3DS ( Works fine)

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Firejonie wrote:

White DS Lite ( touch screen responds in the wrong areas)
Light Blue DSi ( Works fine)
Aqua Blue 3DS ( Works fine)

Is the screen physically damaged? That gets annoying. If it's not you can recalibrate the touch screen.

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I own a silver DS Phat (which came with a Metroid Prime Hunters demo) that has a cracked hinge.

I now have an Ambassador 3DS. (I adopt new Ninty handhelds to early. I, for some reason, thought $250 on a 3DS was a good deal.)

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I have a black DS Lite and a black DSi.

As for 3DSs, yesterday I just traded in my beaten up Aqua Blue launch 3DS (it was really dirty, had huge scratches on the top screen and both the L and R buttons barely worked) to get a perfect condition Zelda 3DS for $76.
I also have a blue 3DS XL which has my ambassador games now.

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2 Silver DS Phat, 1 White DS lite, 1 Black DS lite, 1 Cobalt/Onyx DS lite, 1 Zelda DS lite, 1 Dialga/Palkia DS lite, 1 White Japanese DSi, 1 Black DSi, 1 Burgundy DSi XL, 1 Mario DSi XL, 1 Black 3DS, 1 Red 3DS, 2 Zelda 3DS, 1 Red 3DS XL.

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just 3ds...

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I got the DS3D thing

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Silver DS Phat that I got for Christmas 04.
Followed by a Crimson/ Black DS Lite in... Christmas 09 I think. Maybe 2010.
Now I have an Aqua Blue 3DS from about a year ago. I might get an XL sometime in the future.

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