Topic: How many DS systems have you purchased?

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As you may or may not know, the DS has sold over 100 million units worldwide. That's a lot, but it definitely doesn't mean 100 million people own a DS. With the transition from the original brick to the Lite, and now to DSi, there's a possibility that you've purchased more than one DS.

So my question is, how many DS systems has your household purchased?

We (the wife and myself) have purchased five total:

2x Bricks (classic Silver)
2x Lites (1 Pink, 1 Gold)
1x DSi (Black)

How about you?

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Digiki wrote:


Really? Which model? I'm guessing a Lite?

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2x DS Lite (both white, both traded in toward the DSis)
2x DSi (black for my husband, blue for me)

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2 original DS
1 Pink DS Lite
1 Ice Blue DS Lite
1 Blue DSi

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3, One original, One lite, one dsi
(I sold the previous ones to get the newest model though)

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None. My brother bought one he hardly uses so I just use his. It's the gold Zelda DS.

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At first I thought three, now I realise I've had four;

One imported US silver one, four months before the UK launch;
One UK pink DS, with the Nintendogs bundle;
One silver DS Lite last September, the week before the launch of Sonic Chronicles;
And now my black DSi, bought a few weeks ago.

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Original Nintendo DS (Got it for Christmas back in '04)
The New DSi (Pre-ordered it at GameStop about 3 weeks before it came out)



Two, the original silver (pre-ordered it some weeks before it's release), and the white Lite (this one I bought it when the Wii came out, with the money I was going to use to buy a Wii, since I won mine on a magazine contest jeje).

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I have had all 3 DS systems(Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, and Nintendo DSi)! I enjoyed them all but of course the 3rd generation Nintendo DSi is my favorite!

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Right now I have a white DS Lite, but I'm getting a blue DSi soon.

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I have a DS Phat (x2) and I'm getting a DSi somewhere in June/July.

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I have a DS lite. That's enough.



I have a red original DS.

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I have the white DS Lite. I'm curious: Why do some of you have more than one of the same type? Do you worry that they break too easily? Is it some kind of fetish?



My household has bought 1 Nitro, and 3 Lites (though 2 is may be possibly bought...).

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One White DS
One Blue DSi

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