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Is this one any good?

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I somehow completely missed this one. I am curious though. Anyone have good things to say about this game?

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I've played 15 minutes so far. Can't say it's any better than Double Dragon, which I didn't really like because it gave me the feeling the game was never finished. This is weird, like the boss battles/enemies and others are just poorly made. The whole basic in this game is just spamming your machinegun. So far I've finished level one and two but I'm kind of too lame to go further because there's simply no Challenge in this game.

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Is it just the top down view that makes it like Zelda? Do you have to find keys and solve puzzles too?
Also how's the music? I read one review that claimed it was repetitive and annoying.
Is it really so bad?

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I watched a gameplay video and didn't come away impressed. The music was fine at first, but gradually started to annoy me. The game itself didn't look too exciting either. I can see what they were going for, but it didn't work for me.

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Jaleco's not really known for having the best library of games. They have a few good ones here and there but that's about it.

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I missed this game back in the days and i was curious what kind of game it is. Now i have completed lvl 1 and 2 and i enjoy this game. Because how much fun is it to play a Zelda kind of shooter ?



This actually isn't a bad game.
Some of the music is nice. I like how you can switch between two characters during play. It's kind of an easy game though.
At least it's a Gameboy game I never played.

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I was flipflopping on getting this since I liked Jaleco's Avenging Spirit.

I'd have to say that Fortified Zone plays somewhat strangely, since the sprites and hitboxes aren't what I'm expecting. The swapping around of characters is also a little confusing, as one of them is slow and is bound to get beat up a lot, but the other doesn't fire fast enough to be effective.

All in all I'm a little disappointed. I was looking for a cool run-and-gun and wound up with a lumber-around-and-spam-b kind of game.

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would like more vc games but they are to short and no dout this one is short

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This is a short little top-down walk-around shooter for the GameBoy. I enjoyed it, although I haven't touched it since I've beaten it.

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I'd defintily recommend checking this one out. It's actually pretty good!
Probably one of the better 3DS VC experiences I've had as of late. The last stage will destroy you.
It's got a slight mild splash of Zelda(With the 'find the key' top down dungeon style lay out) for those that are kind of interested. Looks good, sounds good and delivers a pretty stellar challenge.

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