Topic: Your 3DS Game Rotation?

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I just play whatever I am in the mood to play. I dont know but having a schedule like yours seems a little OCD and would take the fun and enjoyment right out of gaming.

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I'm still engrossed in fire emblem with all the challenges and DLC

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When I have nothing new to play, I generally stick to doing drawings in Colors! 3D or play Metroid Prime Hunters.

Favorite Game: Metroid Prime Hunters


I hate to list what I'm playing right now cause it's a ChainGamers Nightmare but I will try:

Monster Hunter 3DS
Soul Hackers 3DS
Color Commando 3DS
Harvest Moon New Beginning 3DS
Reel Fishing Paradise 3DS
ATV Wild Ride 3DS
Let's Play Golf 3D 3DS
Etrian Odyssey 3DS (havent started yet)

Pixel Racing Wii
Last Story Wii
Pandoras Tower Wii

Then throw in a few others. I have been trying to cut down by taking them 1 at a time lately but the amount of great software coming for 3DS is off the charts. Ive been Trying to just stick to 1 game then move onto the next one. I'm playing Soul Hackers Most. I will be getting the DenpaMen 2, Animal Crossing and Mario Golf. Then I still want to pick up Fire Emblem and Lego City UnderCover. Times are good but it's hard to juggle all this goodness

@RR529 I may have to move to your system of play. That looks good pick a day for a game

I also Host a couple online game nights a week for Phantasy Star Zero and ATV Wild Ride. I have stretched myself kind of thin between work and my free time/game time

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bathroomtime is tetris party live time !!

Steam: ACAB or 6ch6ris6
waiting for a pricedrop on switch


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