Topic: What was your first 3DS game?

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Okay, so I think you folks have convinced me. I suppose I shall head over to Wal-Mart and look for a copy of PilotWings Resort. I kind of figured I'd buy that anyway because the demo in Best Buy was beyond beautiful. I was sort of glazed over in amazement with after seeing home console graphics on a handheld for the first time in history but I'm still interested in LEGO Star Wars III because it's graphics and game play look like that a LEGO Star Wars Wii game.

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Pro Soccer Evo and Street Fighter 4. I'm not sure why Pro Soccer is getting overlooked by so many, but it's a pretty good soccer game, albeit the lack of online multiplayer.

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Super Monkey Ball 3D

I'm a rebel! >:3

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Ghost Recon. Got it cheap and it's pretty good.

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Super street fighter IV 3D not my really my series but this one is pretty good (and with a lack of zelda at the release...)

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Picked up both Pilotwings and Super Monkey Ball when I was buying my 3DS. However, I went there thinking I was only going to buy Pilotwings, so that was my first choice, so to speak.

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BleachFan888 wrote:

Super Monkey Ball 3D

I'm a rebel! >:3

That was my "first" too I actually got pilotwings at the same time but I opened monkey ball first.

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LEGO Star Wars III, and it's awesome.



super street fighter 4.pilotwings will be next



Nintendogs + Cats.

But it will arrive in 15 days....

Yeah I don’t know either.

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After playing around with AR and Face Raiders it was Ridge Racer 3D. And i do like it.


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I don't have the 3DS :-/. But if I did, I would probably get that Mario Kart game that was designed spicifically for the 3DS.

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I felt the selection of launch titles was extremely disappointing. Pilotwings was the only one I had any interest in. Now I am waiting impatiently for the VC to launch. Good thing I can play my old DS games or it would sit in its charger collecting dust right now.

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My favorite is Kirby's Dreamland 4...

Oh wait, that doesn't exist (yet!)

Anyhow, of the two I have between Pilotwings and Street Fighter, it's Pilotwings.

I feel like Street Fighter wants me to mess up the buttons and joy stick x_x



I bought SSF5, PES 11 and Ridge racer all at the same time but 1st game I actually played was Ridge racer



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