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There's a rumble pak for DS of course but it hasn't seen very much use, so I imagine developers weren't very keen on it. I wouldn't mind some sort of feedback but perhaps not the whole system vibrating - just the stylus, maybe?


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Yeah I guess when you want a big stylus that uses batteries or is connected to the 3DS via a wire but I don't want that.

I don't need rumble at all. May be because I play a lot of PC and Playstation 3 and neither of them have rumble (PS3 later got a rumble controller but I don't want to buy another controller just because of rumble). And the games are still fun.

Also I think the idea of having the 3DS or the stylus vibrate is really stupid (sorry, no offence James) because no touchscreen games probably wouldn't use it anyway. The touchscreen is tiny as it is and when you try to press something or even "worse" slide your stylus while it or the touchscreen vibrate like hell it would be really annoying.

There are many cellphones that have touchscreen and rumble and you can even play games that use both touchscreen and rumble on it but they have touchscreens that are made to be used with fingers not a tiny stylus tip so the rumble won't affect the precision at all.

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Well my question got answered



I know several people who bought metroid Prime Pinball just to get the rumble pack and then sold back the game. I'm not big on it but just have it as an option on the home menu like on the wii or something like the select and volume +/- to change brightness on the DSi.



First of all, the vibration would only happen when the feedback is neccessary, not while your in the midst of doing something that requires you to be very precise. Also the vibraton wouldnt be enough to throw the 3D effect off...not by a long shot. I for one would like to have the extra effect of feeling how hard i get hit when i am playing a game that can justify a reason to use the vibration.(and yes i mean Street Fighter) > now think< if the stylus were to be the source of the feedback the only way you would feel the vibration is when your actually USING the stylus which would effect your precision like other people have mentioned . Nintendo wouldnt make a regretful decision such as this. Instead Nintendo would make a smarter decision and incorporate the vibration feedback into the 3DS. But it is still to early to start pondering if this is to be true or false. so for now....we wait.....

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i think you should be able to choose in the options. Just like the Wii.



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Kinky but not very practical, don't want the thing vibrating when I'm trying to draw something, drawing the hourglass shape on PH's final boss was touchy enough, vibration would of drove me mad.


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I'm pretty sure that the 3D wouldn't drain the battery any more than normal, seeing that the screen remains static and doesn't need electricity to be shaped a certain way.



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Ahhh I think it a great idea i mean that way people can play there DS games and still have rumble

Not true. The games would have to have software to support it

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I'm good on things that vibrate, thanks

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