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What are your thoughts on today's Nintendo download? Are you guys left feeling disappointed or are you fulfilled? Personally, I'm somewhere in the middle. DK was a nice surprise, as I've never played the GB version, but I would have at least liked to have seen some new 3D videos up for grabs today too.

What's your opinion on what Nintendo had to offer us today?

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It was crap. We in the UK still don't have the 3D video's, the only thing new we got was DK, and i've been playin it and it isn't that good.

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I think it's good because even though I wouldn't mind more I know there will be more in the future. I just have to be patient. 3dsware games and 3d classics may not be fully completed yet.



I'm confused on the download in general. I thought the games were going to be announced on a Monday and everything released on a Thursday? You know, to give time for people to know what's going on and companies to promote.

Was the Monday thing botched up because of E3? Or is this just not happening and we're going back to the who knows what the heck is going on until the morning of?



we'll find out next week. none of us here can say for sure right now.

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Isn't the Ocarina of Time trailer in 3D? Or are you talking about some other videos?

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They've put some trailers up. Sports Island 3D, Sudoku and Asphalt. But they're all 2D.

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It's hard to complain, yet it's hard to be happy as well. The eShop is in its first stage and still lacks many things. The most notable thing it lacks is new content. The only thing new we've received is an application (unless you want to count promotional videos for America), while the rest is old content or ported.

I don't expect them to come out swinging with 3 new games each week, especially considering the amount of time it takes to make a good video game. It's just that since the eShop didn't launch with the 3DS, one likes to hope that actual 3DS Ware games will come soon (and not just glorified demos like the upcoming Mega Man Legends). We'll see in the coming weeks.

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I think it really does suck how you guys in countries outside the US have been shafted as far as the video experience goes. It's one of my favorite features and I find it both confusing and frustrating that Nintendo decided not to incorporate it worldwide. We're all getting the same games (albeit probably at different times because of that whole weird "regionalization" thing Nintendo does), so why not market your product to everyone instead of just certain regions?

That said, yes, I do think that things will start picking up soon for everyone. eShop is still very, very young and I think Nintendo is looking on improving things.

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Downright sad and disappointing. I just hope having just 1 GB game being the old 3DS specific update isn't a trend. Started with a bang, trailed with a whimper, and if how the Wii and DSi have been handled in recent years is any indication it makes me nervous.

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I think the update was fine. Would I have wanted more? Of course. It does suck there was just one game added but at least its a really good game. I'd rather have that one good game than 5 crappy ones.As long as this isn't the norm then I'm good. Oh and I think they probably will stick to the telling us what's coming on Monday thing. I think last Monday was just kind of in a weird spot so they didn't. I guess we'll know for sure in 4 days!

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Please feel free to discuss the eShop updates and how you feel about them in the main site article threads. Today's may be found here: EU or NA.

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