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Apparently 01net is at it again and this time they are claiming Nintendo will bring out a rebranded 3DS in 2012.


I sure hope this isn't true.

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Nintendo is having enough trouble marketing the 3DS right now and making it a success. I highly doubt changing up the 3DS with it being out for less than a year would do more good than bad.

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yes, wonderful idea, lets take a system that everybody thought was overpriced (referring to the middle people, not the hardcore video game fans), and make a new one that will cost more, yes this will definitely work.

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I wouldn't trust that article. has shotty journalism at best.

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A second analog stick? Yeah right. XD


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I'm just getting over having paid $80 more than current list price, and now there's another one coming with dual analog? How many more GBA games can they give me?

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Yeah...I'm going to say that's absolute bull. Now, if the rumor purely stayed within the "Repackaging" zone, then I would have believed it. But adding another analog stick, something that drastically changes how a game can be played? I just don't believe that. And besides, how would a detachable analog stick even work without completely throwing off the weight of the handheld?

EDIT: Also, I'm pretty sure Nintendo doesn't want to make their customers angry by having them either (A): buy more hardware to get the full experience or (B): buy a completely superior redesign of a console that the consumers already bought.

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If it is true and they abandon the 3ds I will never buy another nintendo console again unless they let us send in our machines for upgrades.

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I highly doubt they'll do this.
They're going to so much effort to make people buy all the current 3DS systems, but then if they suddenly redesign like this then all those systems won't be able to play games properly anyway.
If it did happen, I'd be happy yet annoyed at the same time really.
It's a lot of money to buy a new system so soon, so it'd really hurt my wallet... especially since I already need to make sure I have enough money for a Wii U and a new TV.
But on the other hand... If it leads to developers being able to produce better games for the system then it could be worth it for me in the long run.
You'd think that the 3DS doesn't really need it though.
Having a touch screen can sort of function as a second analogue stick of you need it to... I'm suer there's other ways around it as far as controls go.
As I said at the start of this post...
I highly doubt they'll do this.


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It is unlikely though they don't want to throw away all that they invested into the 3ds and lose many customers forever and damage their reputation.

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They both have the same source, meaning in my eyes, it's still only one article and not two separate instances, so I still say fake on this one.


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Nintendo had better hope it's fake.

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I dont know whether to say if its fake or not. I mean look how many revision of the DS line they had before the 3DS. Heck if you want to get technical the 3DS is a revision itself.

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i might get another one only if the improvements or the changes are that drastic enough to change the experince

on the other hand i wonder how an attachment is going to work would it have to be inserted somewhere or is it going to act as an wireless attach device and where the heck is it going to go on the current 3DS



Nah, it's to soon. Though that depends on when 2012. Cause I can see a redesign happening late 2012/early 2013. A redesign is obviously happening sometime though.

I just hope it improves a lot of things.

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Makes you wonder with Nintendo so radically dropping the price of the 3DS so soon after its launch, not to mention all of these third-party developers and publishers who have delayed their 3DS projects.

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