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@Bolt_Strike @Tsurii It appears that they're real, since you've already seen them, it's not a spoiler anymore, but here's a video where you can see them in their battle animation:

Don't know for how long the video will stay up, but I guess they will be removed at some point. There's separate videos for all the newly ''leaked'' Pokémon.



@Rensch @Tsurii Since they're real, I'm going to post the rest in spoiler tags..

The square bug and the beetle seem to be the evolutions of Grubbin. That lego-bug-thing used an electric attack, it's same to assume that these bugs will become Bug/Electric, as Grubbin's dex entry already suggested. They're called Charjabug and Vikavolt, another hint to their Electric typing.
The ''hummingbird'' used Silver Wind in battle > Bug/Flying. According to the gameplay trailer it's called ''Cutiefly'', not sure if those are the real names.
Also, forget Valoo, that dragon looks like a cartoon version of Falkor from The Neverending Story. Can't really tell what move it is using, looks like a purple Dragonbreath. It's called ''Drampa''..
Togedemaru is the new electric rodent, and it looks like a hedgehog as it raises its spines in the battle animation.
That creepy fish, Bruxish, has a new ability called ''Dazzling'', it cancelled Pikachu's Quick Attack. It knows Psywave. Possibly a Water/Psychic type.
There's a weird tiki warrior Pokémon as well, Tapu Koko. Not sure what it is, and I can't tell what move it was using.



@Tsurii That's just his animation, happens in other battles as well. Look for the other vids, they are more detailed. It's one thing to fake a still image, but to fake seven 30 sec long battle sequences is almost impossible.



Eh. I'm not feeling their designs. Some of them just look plain ugly to me.

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Those designs are kinda weird. I like them. Also, that's definitely a mosquito, not a hummingbird.

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@Octane you derped with the spoiler tags (ignore if you already fixed it)

Anyway..Tapu Koko is some sort of deity on Alola according to the gameplay from E3 (I think the big, old guy mentioned it)

I'm not gonna go on about this stuff before it's either officially denied (please, god..) or confirmed I think.
I hate how they look and the videos make me think the stuff's fake (the most difficult part of making something like that is creating the models and animating them, or just getting them in Pikachu's case I guess. Not sure if you guys know Pokémon Showdown but that stuff is nothing people didn't do before)

We'll see more tomorrow.

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What's happening tomorrow? I haven't been keeping up with Pokemon news.

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I hadn't seen the tiki warrior one yet. Looks a bit like it might be a Bug-type as well. This is the only one whose design I really like. The other ones are either too weird or too generic.

I assume they are legit, so I'm curious to learn more tomorrow.

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@Octane The wings still look more like a mosquito's than a hummingbird moth's.

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@Octane Now that looks a lot closer to the Pokemon.

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Sorry but looks like these are definitely real. Found this from Serebii, JP Pokemon Youtube posted the video early I think.

Really not feeling most of these. Vikavolt is the only one I like, and it's seen evolving from Charjabug, so I'm guessing there's no connection to Grubbin. Bruxish is the stuff of nightmares, and Drampa doesn't look like it even belongs in the Pokemon world. :/

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They are honestly not that bad. The dragon, mouse and bugs look cool. In Pokemon there are always a few ugly Pokemon designs. I don't know why anyone is surprised. If you don't like the new Pokemon then don't catch them or worse comes to worst don't buy the game. Me, I will enjoy playing these new games with my kids.

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I personally really like the new designs. I think they're a bit unconventional (probably why they're largely regarded as ugly), but I like the sort of abstract and tropical feel to them. It really looks like they've got a stylistic vision for this region and its Pokemon which I appreciate, it's something that I think Hoenn in particular did very well.

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-Red- wrote:

Eh. I'm not feeling their designs. Some of them just look plain ugly to me.

Yeah, except for that flying bug, the designs are alternatively too busy or too bland.

...And did we honestly need a third Luvdisc?

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