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Yes another one of those highly speculative threads just to kill time until the next big game release and share thoughts on our most persued hobby: gaming. After picking up a Cube off of eBay and reliving some awesome stuff I also dug out my GBA and found many gems that I think should be worth getting a remake/sequel on 3DS. So far I came up with:

  • V-Rally. I think it was always a really good, fast paced Rallygame for consoles and is not restricted to any particular license (like Colin McRae was, WRC-games, etc..)
  • Fire Pro Wrestling - now come on, this is a given. I'd so love to see this series come back, I remember epic battles on my GBA with my mate, now imagine if they would bring it back on 3DS, the create-a-wrestler-mode would work wonderfully on the touchscreen and if it had solid online component like leaderboards, tournaments and championships I think this could be a real epic thing on the 3DS. Unfortunately people don't know it too much so if you don't, head to youtube and get some review-videos about it. Yes its THAT good!
  • Indiana Jones Games - yes I love Indy but it's been a while really. I'd love to have all the old point and click adventures (especially fate of atlantis which is such a stunning game) remade or at least ported to 3DS, that would be awesome, if you have 3D and a solid touchscreen put it to good use with games that would benefit from it.
  • Metroid Prime - this would work perfectly well too and it's just a brilliant game.
  • Golden Sun - hope this will make a return to the 3DS!
  • Terraria - combined with some heavy multiplayer element this could be one of those everlasting Nintendo eShop games spawning a whole series. Unfortunately it's almost sure to never happen! ;(
  • Timesplitters - the best console shooter ever. Period. Add some online functionality and every things pure joy! God I miss that game...
  • Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - it has been ported to so many systems already, playing this on 3DS would be ALMOST as good as getting a separate, new title in the series! Chinatown Wars was pure gold!
  • Mortal Kombat - the revived series, with Mortal Kombat 9 - is just pure awesome on 360 and ps3 and would make a top appearence in 3D, if it had the outstanding online functions of the 360 im sure it would be a mainstay with fighting fans and "normal" folks alike! Finish Him!!
  • Diablo / Torchlight - since Heroes of Ruin was an awesome game in this particular genre but unfortunately failed to hold the promise on replay ability (no game+, no respawning bosses, capped maximum money, ...) it would be just pure AWESOME if we had something like Diablo (even though I don't like the third) or especially Torchlight/Torchlight 2 - especially the latter one is pure joy being played with friends on PC and would definitely push the 3DS games library in the right direction!
  • X-Com - I prefer the original over the remake, still, deep action strategy games like this should be a given on the awesome 3D and touchscreen combo the 3DS is.
  • Theme Park / Theme Hospital - again the touch controls really help and I know that there was a theme park for the DS, but imagine this in 3D with updated graphics and some kind of online multiplayer mode where people can share their parks or whatever...
  • Resident Evil - bring us more like Revelations. It's the good thing. Resi 6 is bad!
  • Fatal Frame series - do I need to say more? 3D and the spookiest game series (imho) ever created? Don some Bose headset and you're in for the scare of your life!
  • Gladius - boy this game was brilliant on gamecube I'd pick it up again instantly on 3DS even if it just was a lazy port.
  • Spartan Total Warrior - imagine Samurai Chronicles only with better story, better rpg elements, blood and tons of action. Yep thats it. It was also a Cube and PS2 title and heck a lot of fun to play. Imagine they would add some coop mode via wifi and internet. A dream.

Thats what comes to my mind on the top of my head and this list solely serves the purpose to make a point, the point that you don't need to come up with completely new ideas all the time if the end result is hampered by deadlines and budget anyways, why not retread some of the old ways when there is a guaranteed demographic wanting to pick up a certain game re-envisioned. I love my 3DS to death and 2013 will be a grand year for it, but I just see SO MUCH MORE potential with the combination of touchscreen + 3D that certain games - like those listed above - just SCREAM for an adaption.

Please share your thoughts with me, which other games could you imagine would really benefit from being on the 3DS?

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Oh add another one to that list:

  • RIver City Ransom - just imagine, fully 3D, coop online mode, leaderbords and 2vs2 versus mode just for good measure!

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Oh there HAS to be a Metroid game or two on this system! Also Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, I'd also like to see some point and click adventure games like Shadowgate or Broken Sword. What about a Ghost Trick sequel? Donkey Kong, a Toad platforming adventure . . . I could go on and on . . . .

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Ohhh Shadowgate, GOOD point there!

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Rugrats is definitely "odd"
Never played any of those games but I like seeing someone like you being so much into that show!

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Beetle Adventure Racing, although it would work better on Wii U due to multiplayer..

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Scollurio wrote:

  • Fatal Frame series - do I need to say more? 3D and the spookiest game series (imho) ever created? Don some Bose headset and you're in for the scare of your life!

If I'm not mistaken, Spirit Camera: the Cursed Memoir is a part of the Fatal Frame series (or at least a spin-off).

For me:

  • Soulcalibur - Not a port of V (which I hear is a letdown, because they replaced a bunch of old fan favorites, and didn't really do anything to move the series forward), but a completely new entry on the 3DS, returning the classic characters, while adding some new, possibly with Link and/or Pit as guests. I actually think this will happen someday, since they already released a Tekken & are close to Nintendo (they're helping with SSB4), but because they're working on SSB4, it'll probably be awhile.
  • Mana series - Outside of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance (and possibly Tales of the Abyss, depending on how you want to classify it), there aren't any other action RPGs on 3DS at the moment, and a Mana game would do nicely (loved Sword of Mana on GBA).


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Seaman I was sorta pumped up for that rumour that Seaman would be on 3DS. Unfortunately it was proven false. But if SEGA ever wants to change their mind. I would be pretty happy.
Namco Museum I really want Namco Museum for 3DS. It would be cool if Namco turned all their games to 3D Classics. But for now we will only get Pac Man and Galaga, (As well as Xevious, but that is a standalone)
Donkey Kong 64 I'm kinda surprised Nintendo never released anything related to Donkey Kong yet. It would be cool if DK64 was remade for 3DS.
3D Sonic SEGA said they were working on a 3D Sonic game. We're not sure if that evolved into Sonic Generations or not, considering the 3D in that game was only in the Chaos Emeralds parts as well as a few levels had a 3D bit. Either way, it was great. However I wouldn't mind if SEGA made a Sonic Heroes sequel. Or anything related to a 3D Sonic game.

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Super Mario 64 DS probably would have been better on 3DS, the one weakness in the original came from it lacking an analogue stick or anything similar and the controls not being as good as a result.

Mario Kart DS as well. What? It was good on DS, but the amount of things they disabled online to try and minimise lag was ridiculous, and if Mario Kart 7 is any indication, the increased power and better tech of the 3DS could have meant there'd be no stuff like tracks you can't play online without hacking.

Maybe Donkey Kong Country 1-3 on GBA. Dear God how they mauled the graphics and music to make them seeable on a dark GBA screen and for the music to actually work on the console. Having it on the 3DS could mean the likes of Toxic Tower and Haunted Hall wouldn't be destroyed like this:

I agree with whoever said Donkey Kong 64 too. They could remake it to get round any legal issues caused by including Jetpac (since Nintendo doesn't own that game 'any more')

And Metroid Prime would work. Heck, Hunters would have been much better on the 3DS than original DS in my opinion, no per game friend codes to worry about, better online services, more power for better graphics, music and game design, etc.

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Power Stone - Mostly because I just want a new Power Stone game, but I also think that the depth-of-field 3D would complement the interactive, 3D battle arenas pretty well.


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Kenchi wrote:

Oh there HAS to be a Metroid game or two on this system! Also Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, I'd also like to see some point and click adventure games like Shadowgate or Broken Sword. What about a Ghost Trick sequel? Donkey Kong, a Toad platforming adventure . . . I could go on and on . . . .

Metroid 1 and 2 are already available to DL. (Though I also have Fusion from the ambassador Program...dunno why Super wasn't an option, though)

3Dash wrote:

More Kid Icarus.

This, except personally i'd prefer it for Wii u because the tps aspect would honestly work better that way whether the gamepad is used or Wii remote and nunchuck, which would be mr preference.

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New PunchOut!! Game. Best. Sports game. Ever.

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New Ice Climber game would be great. It could be like a 2D platforming adventure game.
A new Mother game, please.
A 3D Game & Watch gallery would be nice too.



I almost said Duck Hunt earlier, or any of the light gun games (And yeah, preferrably they're probably better suited for Wii U, with wii mote at least) because of how they made Mad Dog McCrae so that the touchscreen is your aiming/shooting space for the stylus. Either way it kinda makes that game hard because proper timing and stuff. They should maybe port Space Pirates over.

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Every Isometric 3D platformer ever made.

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@ DaveGX: I want to see a brand spanking new Metroid designed FOR the 3DS.
The Legacy of Kain games would be a great thing as well. And can you imagine how nice a 3D reboot of Shadowgate would be? Fun.

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