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And i hope it will be a good enough game to grant it good review scores.
If it´s got enough well-crafted content i´ll be happy to get it as soon as it comes to good ol´Europe.
The gameplay overview sure looked promising but it will have to show that it´s not getting too monotonous over the levels.

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The good thing about it is that there's not a whole lot of other options at launch. It's got a pretty good chance of selling simply because it's one of very few worthwhile titles that will be immediately available to the system.

It makes me wonder if that's why Nintendo held off on Kid Icarus and Ocarina. They seem to have a lot of confidence in Steel Diver, but it would be suicide to release it alongside such huge games.

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I think it's because they realized that people will buy the next new product regardless of a lack of must have games (I again point to the GCN launch vs. recent systems' launch). Partially because new graphics and gimmicks and stuff can distract people for a while.

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i thought they hold the first party known games to let 3rd party developers actually sell their games for a while and think "hey, the 3DS does print money! Let's make more games." (and for people to buy their other games, like steel diver, that one with jetpacks and nintendogs)

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Yeah I don’t know either.

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well that could be true too

Because with such new and different IPs coming out like Street Fighter and Resident Evil, obviously now is the time Nintendo needs to make sure 3rd party games sell well!

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while i'm firmly in the corner of originality and new games, I also need lots more word of mouth and marketing to convince me to buy this game. I'm drifting towards Street Fighter for the game I buy, and maybe I'll activate gamefly to just try the others like this one.

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I am really interested in this game purely because it different. I would buy it at launch if it was available, let's hope it doesn't take too long to get a European release.



IGN gave it a 7.0. Not bad but not great either. They said it was kind of slow paced and better suited to the slow paced strategic gamer than the quick action oriented gamer. But that's only one review and I've been relying less and less on IGN's reviews since their key Nintendo guys left.

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Ultimately, while we can give all the praise and hype that we want to this game, we are ultimately a small part of Nintendo's consumer base. If they wanted it to sell well, they should be giving it much more press coverage and probably included it in the 3DS's at Best Buy so people could see and try the game for itself, not just relying on the small amount of Nintendo gamers who have heard of and taken interest in Steel Diver. I know that seems negative, but that's kind of the way it is in the current gaming situation.

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I hope it sells poorly, drops by half to about $20 (based on what I've seen and read, that seems to be a fairer price point for the content), and then proceeds to sell very well. Nintendo needs to not gouge its loyal player base. Likely a good game. But not for $40. Alright, maybe $25. I'm generous like that

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I hope it sells well. If 3rd party games don't sell well for the 3DS, it's going to suffer the same fate as the Wii

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briunj04 wrote:

I hope it sells well. If 3rd party games don't sell well for the 3DS, it's going to suffer the same fate as the Wii

Steel Diver is a first-party Nintendo game. If you're concerned about third party sales, go buy Super Street Fighter IV 3D, Ridge Racer 3D, Megaman Legends 3, MGS3, SMT: Devil Survivor Overclocked, A Boy and His Blob, Tales of the Abyss, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II, Bust-A-Move Universe, de Blob 2... Ah, just look at NL's upcoming 3DS game list and take your pick.

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darthtater wrote:

(plus it would give us more characters to choose from in upcoming installments of Smash Brothers lol ).

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But really, I hope the game is good and sells well. It looks very interesting, especially since it has three different variations of gameplay.



The reviews have been ok, but I'll have the final word from an Official Nintendo review place like NL or NP or ONM.

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