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theblackdragon wrote:

nope, just Find Mii.

Nope, Find Mii, StreePassQuest and Rescue the Crown (or something like that). Depends on your region. This thread: http://www.nintendolife.com/forums/3ds/streetpass_mii_plaza has been all about this game.

I've finished the quest one time through. The second run through nets you different hats but so far I've not seen any other differences. About to system format my 3DS though so I'll have to start again. :-(

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ImDiggerDan wrote:

Nope, Find Mii, StreePassQuest and Rescue the Crown (or something like that). Depends on your region.

yeah, someone else already covered that.

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I just got a Streetpass hit from the same person who gave me my first streetpass today! Now he's a level 2 in my Find Mii game. :)
EDIT: Damnit, I was so excited for a level 2 legit Mii that I completely forgot about the Puzzle Swap game and exited! Now I can't get the puzzle piece he was supposed to give me. :(

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It took me about 20 warriors, but I finally got past a yellow shield, by using a lot of poison and water magic (I never found or hired someone in yellow). Then right after that, I passed through the next two rooms with only 3 warriors.

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