Topic: Final Fantasy V and VI for 3DS?

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“As you saw from Nintendo’s press conference yesterday, there is new hardware coming out. We knew that was coming. We had to make decisions understanding that there were hardware changes in the near future and where want to put our resources…No decision has been made. Rather than creating [Final Fantasy] V or VI for the current DS we want to take a look to see how 3DS does, how it evolves, and then make a decision.” – Shinji Hashimoto

Given how powerful the 3DS looks, I think its very likely we'll see them at some point.

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I really hope they bring these two games to the 3DS. I've never played either of them, but they're both considered to be some of the best games in the series, so it would be great to get a chance to try them out on the 3DS.

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I can definitely see it happening.

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Awww man I should've waited for these! (I got a used copy of FFVI Advance a few months ago)

Oh well. Nice to see they're finally giving these the 3D treatment. Especially FFVI. That's one helluva game!

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So their "memory issues" smokescreen was all because they knew the 3DS was coming and would rather make V and VI in 3D?



Or with just better graphics in general, Pez

To each his own.



I'd rather have anything made after VI...



I'd be more interested in a Dragon Quest VII remake for the 3DS knowing that DQVI is making it's way to the DS already. FFVI is worthy of a remake though and I'd buy it again. V, not so much...

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Eh, to each their own. I personally loved playing 10 the most, and I have played them all-including the handhelds, MMOs, mini games, and tactics series . With that being said, I hated x-2 the most lol.

To each his own.


Yea zez, 9 was very fun as well

To each his own.


How about Final Fantasy VII for the 3DS? Screw an HD remake, make it 3D and bring back the epicness that the game was known for when it launched. HD would just be a pretty coat of paint, but 3D is a new beast all together.

...but I won't complain about FF V or VI on 3DS... or IX... nudgenudgewinkwink


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I would love to see Final Fantasy V and VI on the 3DS. I would like to see Final Fantasy Tactics on there as well.



zezhyrule wrote:

abgar wrote:

anything after VI is futurist fan garbage, no offense

Since you're so Youtube-post-happy, I'll show you my favorite Final Fantasy game I've played:

let me rephrase that:
Almost everything made after VI is futuristic fan garbage.

about more FF remakes:

Meowph, that's right!

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I'd love to see VI on the 3DS.

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