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I took a picture of an orange. Then an apple. Then a kiwi. Then a grape.

I get attacked by fruit, every night.




Its kinda hard to get him with the his sunglasses on, but I somehow got it.

wont be on here anymore


Your mom.


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I took a picture of my Avatar (Not weegee). I love shooting at that creepy face!*QY3*NOhhtwGYlggV*Jb-RHvCUGuG...

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I found a picture of Santa on a Christmas newsletter. his face fit perfectly!

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Samholy wrote:

simply roam around and you got hours more of gsameplay

Could you please not post site addresses like that one? Some people on this site aren't adults and shouldn't be viewing stuff like that.

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I used King Harkinian from Faces of evil/Wand of Gamelon



Steve Wozniac. He looks like a gorilla :3

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I grabbed a picture of a teddy bear. That was pretty fun.

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Don't bother with anime characters. Their eyes are so far apart when lining it up with their mouths that the eyes get partially cut off.

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How many faces can you have?

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I didn't see anyone mention this one anywhere yet: I take pictures of my Miis on my computer screen and use them in Face Raiders. They look great.



I used a picture of Link from Twilight Princess once, the facial expressions that it made were so hilarious.


i made rioul (pokemon) on it Riolu is my favorite pokemon (obviously becuase of my profile picture) Lol it fells like floating riolu heads




if I'm not mistaken this is a NEW RECORD for thread necromancing!!

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MAPfan wrote:

i made riolu (pokemon) on it Riolu is my favorite pokemon (obviously becuase of my profile picture) Lol it fells like floating riolu heads



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