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Angry Birds is flying to 3DS ware this year according to Rovio Mobile (Creators of Angry Birds). This I feel is very positive news for the 3DS as Angry Birds is the most downloaded game on the Android Market and a very popular title on the AppStore. This game in my opinion should work perfectly on the 3DS and is showing good signs for the future.

  • This game has also been confirmed to be coming to the wii.

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This is also the top downloaded game on the PSP shop thing, Might pick it up on the 3Ds once I get it. Thanks for the news!

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Only the main game is coming right? They have the haloween, Christmas and valentines editions coming out. Also how is nintendo going to do the level packs.


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@shingi_70 I dont know but in one of the websites it claims all of the Angry birds shall be coming to the 3DS.



There is confirmation that they shall be bring in all of them.




Let's hope that they take clever advantage of the 3D capabilities. It's a flash-animation-looking game to begin with, so they'll have to think outside the box a bit to really make it work well in 3D.

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Whatever happened to the planned DSiWare version?

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Well this game will be hilarious considering Reggies recent comments on IOS pricing for game software.
So it's to be assumed it'll be 5-10 bucks and I'm sure the Angry Bird makers won't mind at all. Heck I bet the 3DSWare software won't support regular updates just like the DSi and they'll have to work even less and charge even more. It's win win for the developer.

Lose for the consumer, but I guess Nintendo doesn't care.



Im looking forward to it. Can see a 10/10 from nl but then saying that it isnt hard to get a 10/10 from nl. Especially if the name has mario in it XD



I hope they allow you to use the "circle pad" to launch the angry birds on the 3DS. It wouldn't work on the DSi and it'd be strange to do it that way on the Wii (pointer!) but I think that'd be the best way to control it on the 3DS. It's not like you are going to be touching the birds directly on the 3DS anyways..........

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