Topic: Amazon wants to gift me with a crappy game. which one should i choose?

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NeoRausch wrote:

Tj92 wrote:

Why does your title say that Amazon wants to gift you with a crappy game? 2/3 of those choices are great.

personal opinons man, personal opinions. Asphalt is utter shit. Sims are just not in any of my interest. I like super monkey ball, but that stuff with the rails.... Ah well for free!!

Asphalt is indeed terrible. We're agreed there. But I understand if Sims is not for you. It is pretty slow-paced.

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Go with Super Monkey Ball 3D. Either that, or pick one at random, then trade it in at a used video game store and use the money from your trade-in to buy a game you actually want.

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What I would do is buy Monkey Ball 3D, then return it to Wal-Mart for a $40 gift card and use it to buy a different game, probably Lego Star Wars 3 or Pilotwings (my choices). It's possible to return an unopened game to Wal-Mart without a receipt.


abgar wrote:

i asked amazon if they had something for us, hopefully they will asnwer, and it will be good.

I like Amazon a lot, but don't hold your breath. They'll likely not for the US, at least not for their pre-order customers.

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Amazon wrote:

I checked our website and would like to confirm that currently we don't offer this promotion for Nintendo 3DS.

In order to take advantage of this offer, you must place a qualifying order during the specified promotion period while supplies last. We're unable to apply special discounts to items ordered before or after the dates of the promotional offer.

While we're planning a variety of special discounts and other promotional offers, I'm unable to share these details.

I encourage you to check back on our website in the next few days. Any special offers will be advertised throughout our website.

That was fast

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Super Monkey Ball, most definitely. It will still be excellent and more satisfying than those two. If not for you, I guess you can still go for Asphalt (probably a bleh-ish port though), but I'd advise avoiding The Sims for now. Could just be another boring port, unlike the fantastic PC one. Take caution.

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Monkey Ball, seem to be more worthy.

Man do I wish I got an free game, also I wish Gamestop bundled Street Fighter with 3DS sooner.


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I got the same offer too and instantly went for SMB3D.
I'm not very interested in The Sims and Ridge Racer appeals more to me than Asphalt.

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I'd definitely go with Super Monkey Ball. Man, I wish I got that offer.



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Even if a game is crap (which these aren't), then it being for free automatically gives it at least a little more credibliity. Seriously, don't comnplain about getting free games, lol :3


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@agbar: You also get a $10 credit for preordering 3DS games and even if you didn't, can you beat $45 for 2 3DS games right now?

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Wait... $45 for 2 3DS games...? Could you explain that?

with a discount for 25 dollars, a game plus shiping (fast) would cost me around 45 dollars.
I could use slow shipping and save 10 dollars.
And if preordereing a game gives 10 dollars (and i magically use them on the same game that generated them) that would leave me with 25 dollars for a game. which is not bad...

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@abgar: ...sorry, just noticed I got your name wrong last time.
Nintendo 3DS = $250, Amazon is giving you $25 to spend on another 3DS title.
most 3DS titles = $40 are currently are giving $10 towards the purchase of another 3DS title.

You could...get a 3DS, and two games for $295 (in no tax states), it'd cost over $330 in stores depending on where you live ($363 in CA). Shipping is another matter entirely, I normally use free shipping when available.

I just bought 2 3DS games at TRU and it cost me $80 before tax! I plan on taking them back once the b1g1 half off sale starts.

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Unfortunately even if i lived next door to wherever amazon stores their stuff it would still count as an international ship, so i can't use free shipping or merge shippings in a single package

So, any extra game actually costs me 20 (for slow) or 30 (for fast) extra dollars
I guess i'll have to wait until i find games in a retail near me, but it get offered the 25 dollars i will be uneasy about not using them.... I'm weird like that.

A nice thing about my country is that all the taxes are already added, so the price you see is the price you pay, unlike the united states where you see $39 and actually pay $44.

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