Topic: Amazon wants to gift me with a crappy game. which one should i choose?

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I may be reading this wrong, but amazon is offering a free 3ds accessory for american 3DS preorders, along with the $25 credit....

though the ones they are offering are actually DS accessories and one of them is just plain creepy, i like it

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Like many said, Monkey Ball.

AiAi is just too awesome to pass up on.



i got even better! they lowered the price to 222€ and the fre game option is still in. got both(SMB3D)! great deal!!

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Mmmmm id say monkey ball but also maybe racing one its free after all so didnt cost u anything

What do prefer?

Puzzle game

Id properly get monkey ball and if dont like trade iy in get sumthing else

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yeah I just opened my email to see this too (the 25$ towards a game) but honestly let's take these games off of their "There awesome because they are on the 3ds!" pedestals. Hopefully we can just put the money to pre-order a game that isn't released yet. Cause trust me, when the actual good games start coming out these will be seen as garbage. (well in my personal opinion anyway)


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