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I still think achievements are pointless. It's just an excuse for people to call themselves 'hardcore gamers' and then act like they're superior. If you want go out and kill fifteen enemies using a berserk, go ahead just don't think we need this to feel better about ourselves since it doesn't actually do anything except score points.



I don't mind the ones that encourage people to play around, but I HATE the ones saying, "Oh Hey! You got through the tutorial. Have an trophy and an annoying popup."


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Of course the majority of people on a Nintendo based site don't like trophies. There is really no harm in them. Makes me feel like I've not totally wasted my hours away when I have them to look back on.



Personally I achievements arent that big of a deal for me I can take them or leave them. I dont go out of my way to get them but on the other hand if I happen to get one thats cool too.

I think achievements are a companys cheap way of making a game longer than it actually is. Once I go through a games story line I am done with that game for the time being. I am not going to go back and do some crazy stunts that dont have anything to do with the storyline just to get an achievement point which in the end really means nothing.

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I don't really care for achievements unless it unlocks something that is either cool or actually helps me play through the game. Don't call me a Nintendo fanboy because I'm not. I have a Steam account with a number amount of games with built in Steam achievements. I have unlocked some achievements as you can see, but I only got them mostly for just for playing the games. Have no interest in them at all. They are just for bragging rights and I have no desire for that.

You may want them and I have nothing against that, but to me they are just useless distractions.


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Well, I just don't like online play in general. If I want to play with other people, I'll get some split screen game and play it that way. Of course, this mandates that you have four people and no more than four people able to play at the same time. In some aspects, online is good, but I think that achievements are unnecessary and boringly addicting. Just because something makes you want to play it over and over again to do better doesn't always mean you are having fun with it. Besides, I'm horrible at video games, so if I am trying to better, I am trying to do better than myself, not the whole world.

Example - Getting a golden weapon in MWR. You play over and over again shooting at people's head with the SAW and RPD, but when you finally get the golden M60, you realize just how much time you wasted getting that thing.

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Achievements are quite fun, but sometimes they feel like an easy way out for game developers. Instead of having to think of ways of keeping a game fresh and interesting, they merely put in an achievement that requires you to perform some menial task 30 times or so and then they gloat "Hey, we got 40+ hours of game time". I frequently find myself playing a game to reach a particular achievement, and once I got it, I find myself thinking "Thank goodness, now I can stop playing", Whereas a game like Rune Factory keeps drawing me back despite the fact that I can't "achieve" anything.
If there are to be achievements, I'd prefer the ones that unlock stuff in the game, like SSB:Brawl or Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands (Wii). And those work even on the Wii, and therefore on the 3DS as well.



Bleh, I like trophies better, I always imagine having a case full of them~

...Well, all right not full of them, I never was good enough to get any trophies in anything; sports, not-sports, video games :/

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I agree with kkslider. If they don't unlock anything within the game, they are kinda pointless. And also considering how Nintendo's games were really good without them, I don't think they are absolutely necessary.

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I never saw the point in Achievements........
I rarely go for them, unless it for Halo waypoint.
Other then that, Achievements dosen't make you a better gamer, but alot of people think there better then you at a game, mostly because they have more Gamer Score then you.

Anyone can get a pointless Achievements and most people cheat to get Achievement, or Worst! Buy a game you don't even like, but your only playing it to get the easy Achievements........

If Achievement unlock Free Microsoft points, then I would get them.

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that's enough -- you got your dig in, and so did he. either stick to the topic at hand or don't comment in this thread at all.

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Trophy's are like a lot of advancements. If they're implemented well, they can be a neat addition to a game for some people. Or they can be a way for a dev to be lazy. I do feel there's not much point to them. If you do something that's worth achieving, you'll get some reward in game. You'll get a new item, be able to progress...something! And then, they seem sort of superfluous. I got trophies in Sonic 4 for getting a Chaos Emerald, beating the first level, and beating the first boss. I was going to do all that stuff anyways to, you know, beat the game.

For a game like Sonic, some cool trophies could include beating a level under a certain time, getting a certain score, beating the game without dying, or getting all the emeralds on the first try in a new game (the emblems in the old Adventure games are a good basis). I think devs feel the need to have at least a certain number of trophies, so they have to do at least a few useless ones. I also think it does increase sales and playtime of crap games, which is silly.

Frankly, when I beat/complete a game, that's it. I probably won't try to get a platinum on Sonic 4, even though I got all the emblems in Sonic Adventure, and tried really hard to get them all in Adventure 2 (some of those A emblems are BRUTAL). They don't really feel like a part of the game, which is nice, because I can ignore them.

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It really depends on what the achievements or trophies are.

Achievements and trophies which are well thought out can really enhance a game. Valve does a great job with their achievements because they've found a way to make multiple play-throughs more interesting by introducing new gameplay.

Achievements and trophies which are hard to obtain are also a good use of them. You can show off your l33t gaming skills with solid proof for your friends to see. This sort of thing has been going on since the old days when there were insane optional objectives that made you proud when you completed them. They also work great in multiplayer games. Nothing wrong with that.

But yes, a lot of achievements/trophies are totally lazy. "You left the vault" and other mandatory progress notifications are great examples of lazy achievements - they add nothing, everyone has them (or will get them with play time), and you get a sense of achievement without them anyway.

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Yeah, unless it actually does something, achievements/trophies are pointless. 3DS seems like it'll already share hiscores with every 3DS it passes on the street, so there's your "How'm I doin'?". And if you're just looking for that little pat on the back, you can go to one of those achievement making apps or websites, and create your own.

Shantae's bonus pictures for beating the game in a certain time, now that's something. Just a "Bing! You killed a level one rat!" only serves to annoy the player.



WaltzElf wrote:

This is all interesting - I wonder why Nintendo fans seem so against the idea of achievements or trophies, when PlayStation and Xbox owners, as a general rule, have either accepted them, or appreciate them.

Interesting demographic split, this.

Because they dont have them and its another thing that Nintendo is lagging behind the times on just like online wich is why they hate them. Nintendo adds them and the whole idea becomes the greatest thing ever, you know this, and no offense whatsoever to anyone who cant afford a HD system as they are expensive.

Trophies/Achievments implemented correctly can add extreme value to a game. Usually multiple playthroughs and trying different playstyles, etc. If implemented wrong they are flat out annoying, such as the common find 100+ random whatevers scattered all over the game to get a trophy is just ridicilous and I refuse to do it. I have several games that Im a few trophies away from Platinum because of another playthru or item hunts and Im not doing it lol. No foul, Im just not doing it and I got all the trophies that were fun and it a wrap.

Trophies/Achievments do have another downside, but its a user issue and not the games, I passed on playing Metal Gear Solid 4 on the PS3 for the last year and half because it didnt have trophes. I started it a week ago and finished it Sat morning and Ive played who knows how many games in my 25+ yrs of gaming, but its by far the best game Ive yet played ever, surpassing Bioshock. It was really my problem, not the games lol.

Oh, speaking of Bioshock and its sequel. My next playtru that I would have never tried had it not been for the trophies is completing both games without using a Vita Chamber (deaths).

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I have steam and I have a few games where there are achievements and a lot of them aren't even worth doing, repetitive, or are things you are eventually going to do. I haven't played any games where they were implemented correctly and that's why I hate em. On Kirby's Air Ride though I loved that. You unlock stuff for ever achievement you do, and a lot of them are beating stuff under certain conditions. If we can have achievements like on Air Ride then I'm all for it. A lot of the City Trail game play was pure achievements. Mainly though because that was part of the game, so I don't know if this counts or not.

I can afford a HD system, a PS3 or 360 just doesn't appeal to me. The majority of the games that are released aren't my thing.


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