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TABLETOP GALLERY serves as a compilation as of three eShop titles previously only released in the US - TOSS N GO, SHUT THE BOX and POKER DICE SOLITAIRE FUTURE. Each of these dice-rolling titles never made their way to European shores, prompting developer/publisher RCMADIAX to eventually release them as a bundled package for that market.

The first of the trio is the rather oddly titled SHUT THE BOX, features no "box" whatsoever, and is instead played with two dice and numbered tiles. Simply put - you must roll the two dice and then pick the numbered tiles that add up to the dice value, trying to clear the three rows of tiles as you go. This is as simple as "entertainment" comes and you may find yourself playing for mere minutes before losing interest altogether. You can read our full review of SHUT THE BOX's initial eShop release here.

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POKER DICE SOLITAIRE FUTURE is a rather elaborate name for the game "Kismet". For those unfamiliar the game, POKER DICE SOLITAIRE is essentially a no-thrills take on the classic Poker formula, only with numbered die instead of traditional cards with a similar format to "Yahtzee". While it's likely to appease die-hard poker fans, it ultimately falls short and its futuristic aesthetic does little to mask the title's mediocrity. Our full review of POKER DICE SOLITAIRE FUTURE can be read here.

Last is TOSS N GO, possibly the most playable title of the bunch and likely to maintain a decent level of enthusiasm for at least a short amount of time. TOSS N GO requires players to go toe-to-toe against the CPU to roll (or toss) a total of 100 points from ten dice. Managing to roll ten green dice will result in you being awarded 10 points and will leave all ten die open in the field of play, free to roll again. Rolling red at any time, though, will award 0 points, and rolling only reds will end your turn. Essentially a game of risk, TOSS N GO is the most addictive of the titles and having an opponent (albeit an imaginary one) makes the experience a far more enjoyable one. You can read our previous review here.

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As far as improvements or additions go - there are none to speak of. TABLETOP GALLERY simply serves as a way of receiving all three of RCMADIAX's previous dice-rolling titles in one discount package. As budget titles go, TABLETOP GALLERY offers the bare minimum. There are no visual improvements over the original three's bland (and somewhat ugly) aesthetics and with absolutely no bonus content offered. A lack of option menus, leaderboards and other fairly standard features result in the package feeling a little insubstantial and unpolished.


Scoring three previously released titles is somewhat tricky; each title must be reviewed on its own merits, as well as the newly collated package as a whole. Even when bundled together as part of a discount package, TABLETOP GALLERY still feels insufficient - partly down to its minimal design style, but also down to each of the trio's incredibly simplistic premise. There will be a niche market that TABLETOP GALLERY appeals to, and the titles do offer moments of distraction to those with an interest in such games - but there is very limited enjoyment to be found here for the average gamer; most will happily bypass this one altogether.