Deep Cut Splatoon 3 Summer Nights
Image: Nintendo

Update [Mon 15th Jul, 2024 11:45]:

The latest Splatfest event is over and, after some valiant battling from all sides, it's 'Team Beach' that managed to come out on top this time around.

The winner managed to scrape together a final score of 410p. Meanwhile, 'Team Theme Park' settled for second place with 310p, and 'Team Palace' came in last place with 150p.

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Update [Fri 12th Jul, 2024 14:00 BST]: Are you ready for the long summer nights this weekend? Because the next Splatfest is about to start!

Have you picked a place you'd reserve for the day? That's the question Nintendo asked leading up to the Splatfest, which begins on 13th July (or 12th July for those in North America). So you're either Team Palace, Team Theme Park, or Team Beach. And don't forget the customary new artwork to accompany the Splatfest.

Will you be joining in the fun this weekend? Let us know down below.

Original article [Fri 21st Jun, 2024 13:05 BST]: Summer Nights, the next seasonal event coming to Splatoon 3, was announced just under a month ago. And now Nintendo has revealed the details about the accompanying Splatfest.

As you'd expect from a summer-themed party, this Splatfest is asking fans to pick a place you'd reserve for a whole day. The options are a Palace, a Theme Park, or a Beach. Not the easiest decision, but we think we'd have to go for the Beach.

The Splatfest kicks off on 13th July at 1am BST and runs until 15th July 00:59am BST. Going by previous Splatfest times, we expect that the US equivalent will be on 12th July at 5pm PT to 14th July at 4:59pm PT.

The last Splatfest was back in May and was considerably less chipper than a Summer celebration. It wanted to know what you'd do at world's end. Bucket List won that one.

Don't forget, we've also got a guide on all previous and upcoming Splatfests, which we'll update with all the times for the July 2024 Splatfest.

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