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Splatfests make their grand and expected return in Splatoon 3. But all things come in trios in this third entry, and to mix up the inkfest a bit more, you'll get to pick from not two, but three teams.

This Splatoon mainstay lets you pick a side and take part in multiple online battles throughout the event. In Splatoon 3, these take place over a few days, after which the winning team is revealed.

In this guide, we'll tell you when the next Splatfest is taking place, as well as share the results of previous Splatfests.

Splatoon 3 Splatfest - When is the next Splatfest?

The next Splatfest will ink its way into the Splatlands from 18th-19th November.

You can find the precise times that the Splatfest kicks off in each region below.

The Americas, Australia, New Zealand

  • North America - 17th November 2023, 4pm PT - 19th November 2023 3:59pm PT
  • Australia - 18th November 2023, 11am AEDT - 20th November 2023 10:59am AEDT
  • New Zealand - 18th November 2023, 12pm NZDT - 20th November, 2023 11:59am NZDT


  • UK - 18th November 2023, 12am GMT - 19th November 2023 11:59pm GMT
  • Europe - 18th November 2023, 1am CET- 20th November 2023 00:59am CET


  • Japan - 18th November 2023 9am JST - 20th November 2023 9am JST

Splatoon 3 Splatfest - What is the next Splatfest vote?

Splatoon 3 Splatoween Splatfest
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The next Splatfest has regional themes, meaning there is a different question depending on where you play. In Europe, the question is "What's your go-to greeting?" with Team Handshake, Fist Bump and Hug all up for grabs. For Japan, the Splatfest question this time will be "What do you call this?" and Kaiten-yaki, Oban-yaki, Imagawa-yaki will be on offer.

To vote in-game, head over to the Splatfest stand in the middle of Splatsville to cast your vote and receive a free team t-shirt. You can wear this shirt in non-Spatfest battles to level up its stats, but remember that it will have to be returned once the event is over.

Splatoon 3 Splatfest - Previous Splatfest results

Here are the results of the previous Splatfests for Splatoon 3, by region:

Splatfest Winner (NA, AU, NZ) Winner (Europe) Winner (JP)
"What do you call this?" - - TBA
"What's your go-to greeting?" TBA TBA -
"Which would be the best friend?" Ghost Ghost Ghost
"Who would make the best leader?" Shiver Shiver Shiver
"What's the most important in life?" Money Money Money
"Which flavor of ice cream is best?" Vanilla Vanilla Vanilla
"Which do you seek?" (Zelda) Power Power Power
"Which of these is real?" Nessie Nessie Nessie
"What's your favourite chocolate?" White Chocolate White Chocolate White Chocolate
"What's your favourite taste sensation?" Sweet Sweet Sweet
"Which type will you choose? Grass, Fire, or Water?" (Pokémon) Water Water Water
"What would you bring to a deserted island? Gear, Grub, or Fun?" Gear Gear Gear
Splatfest World Premiere "Which one’s the best? Rock vs Paper vs Scissors!" Rock Rock Rock

We'll update this list with every new Splatfest winner for each region!

Splatoon 3 Splatfest - FAQs

What is a Splatfest?

Splatoon 3 Deep Cut
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A Splatfest takes place every few weeks in-game and is a huge online event where players join one of three teams to try and win online battles over the course of a few days.

For the first half of a normal Splatfest, you'll be duking it out in 4v4 Turf Wars. The goal here is simple — whichever team covers the most turf in their colour ink is declared the winner. Then, after the Halftime Report, the team in the lead will randomly be put up against the two trailing teams in a 4v2v2 Tricolor Turf War battle.

How do I pick my Splatfest team?

You can vote for your team in the days leading up to the Splatfest during the Splatfest Sneak Peek.

To pick your team, head to the main square in Splatsville. There, you should spot a yellow-ish-coloured tent with t-shirts hanging out front, paper lanterns on either side and an electronic billboard with all three teams to the right.

Examine the screen by pressing 'A', and then select your team. You'll then get to represent your team with a rather fetching t-shirt.

What is a Tricolor Turf War?

Splatoon 3 Tricolor Turf War
Image: Nintendo

Tricolor Turf War is a brand new mode in Splatoon 3 that's exclusive to Splatfests.

Available to take part in following the Halftime Report, Tricolor Turf War is a 4v2v2 event. The team that is in the lead in the Splatfest will make up the larger defending team, while the two trailing teams will only have two members each. The flanking teams — the teams of two — should aim to get the Ultra Signal, while the larger team should focus on defending the Signal.

While Tricolor Turf War was originally random, you can now select the mode yourself once you hit the Halftime Report. It'll be interesting to see how often this is selected and played over the course of future Splatfests.

As with other modes, the team that's inked the most amount of ground is the winner.

What are conch shells?

Conch shells can be collected during the Splatfest Sneak Peek and the Splatfest itself. This currency can contribute to your team's score during the event.

You can earn these by taking part in normal online matches to increase your catalog level, including both Salmon Run and Turf War.

Conch shells can also be spent at the Shell-Out Machine during the Splatfest, which is like a big gachapon machine that gives your random rewards. You can find this in the multiplayer lobby.

That's it for our Splatfest guide! We'll keep this updated with every new Splatfest announcement and keep track of the winners for you.

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