Darkest Dungeon II
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The latest Nintendo Download update for North America has arrived, and it's a pretty quiet one! But don't worry, we've got a list of new games that have arrived on the eShop in your region. As always, be sure to drop a vote in our poll and comment down below with your potential picks for the week. Enjoy!

Switch eShop - New Releases

Anomaly Pools (Playstige Interactive, 12th Jul, $2.50) - You are afraid of water, don’t even get close to water. Keep running all the time! Anomalies will spawn randomly on your path, just in front of you… The moment you see an anomaly, turn back and run away from it, as far as you can. If you manage to notice and run away from 11 anomalies, you’ll escape this nightmare.

Ballz (Max Interactive Studio, 12th Jul, $2.99) - Swipe your finger to throw balls and break the bricks. Try to break as many bricks as possible before they reach the bottom. Collect items to get more balls and create an endless chain! Submit your high scores to the global leaderboard and compete with the best players!

Bleach: Brave Souls (KLab, 11th Jul, $0.00) - From the human-populated world of the living to the Soul Society, home of Soul Reapers and the spirits of the dead, the bleak realm of Hueco Mundo, where evil spirits known as Hollows reside, and the depths of Hell, final resting place of sinners, the endlessly imaginative BLEACH universe is recreated in high-quality 3D graphics. Relive all your favorite scenes and special techniques from the hit anime

B-PROJECT RYUSEI*FANTASIA (PQube, 15th Jul, $49.99) - Put your headphones on and get swept away with this colourful, idol, visual novel experience. Do you love boybands, JPop? Have you ever dreamed of being the driving force behind a successful idol group? Well now you can experience it in visual novel form! Step into the hardworking role of A&R (Artist & Repertoire) to the talented idol group, B-Project.

Busway Islands - Puzzle (QUByte Interactive, 11th Jul, $4.99) - Busway Islands is a puzzle game about organizing roads and rails across a large archipelago. Your goal is to create a safe and efficient route between bus stations, ensuring that all passengers are picked up along the way.

Casino Tycoon Simulator (MagicProStudio, 13th Jul, $4.99) - Ever wondered what it feels like to be a millionaire business magnate managing a thriving casino empire? Step into the shoes of an entrepreneurial tycoon in "Casino Tycoon Simulator," a captivating 3D top-down game that challenges you to build and expand your very own casino empire.

Danger Stunt Drive: Extreme Racing Simulator (Megame, 11th Jul, $4.99) - Welcome to the world of dizzying and adrenaline racing! In this game you will face the most dangerous obstacles at a great height. On your way you have to overcome various obstacles, avoid traps and set a new speed record on dangerous tracks. The game has a huge selection of powerful sports cars. Win races, set new records and fill up your garage with powerful sports cars. And don't forget to upgrade your car to the maximum level!

Darkest Dungeon II (Red Hook Studios, 15th Jul, $39.99) - Face Your Failures Darkest Dungeon II is a roguelike road trip of the damned. Form a party, equip your stagecoach, and set off across the decaying landscape on a last gasp quest to avert the apocalypse. The greatest dangers you face, however, may come from within... Gather your courage and ride out into the chaos of a world undone. Four heroes and a stagecoach are all that stand between darkness and salvation.

Deathchron (Ratalaika Games, 12th Jul, $4.99) - Deathchron is a retro style arcade game full of intense platform action, powerful attacks, and menacing enemies. In the recent past, an ordinary kid receives an urgent television transmission. Shortly afterwards, an incredible battle mech known as the Deathchron arrives at his suburban home. Our young hero is then transported to an alternate reality where robots have taken over everything, and he has one chance to stop this dystopian vision from coming true.

Deliver Us The Moon (Wired Productions, 16th Jul, $19.99) - Deliver Us The Moon is a Sci-Fi thriller set in an apocalyptic near future, where Earth's natural resources are depleted. A lunar colony providing a vital supply of energy has gone silent. A lone astronaut is sent to the moon on a critical mission to save humanity from extinction. Will you save mankind or be forgotten in the dark abyss of Space?

DROS (RedDeer, 12th Jul, $24.99) - DROS is a dark fantasy adventure where you'll swap between a small gooey creature and her human bounty hunter shell. Explore freely through 40 unique diorama-like levels filled with strange characters, intricate puzzles, hidden rooms, and ancient collectibles.

Editor’s Hell – Newspaper Story (404, 7th Jul, $9.99) - You just became the editor for a newspaper in a troublesome country. First, you have to make a choice. Will you support the government or will you go against it? Supporting the government can result in bankruptcy since there are a lot of newspapers doing just that already. Or you can take a stand against it and confront a president with questionable integrity, who is rushing towards dictatorship, without drawing too much attention.

EGGCONSOLE POPFUL MAIL PC-8801mkIISR (D4 Enterprise, 11th Jul, $6.49) - This game, released by Nihon Falcom in 1991 in Japan, is a side-view action RPG. Players take on the role of the bounty hunter female swordsman Mail, embarking on an adventure to track down the great wizard, Muttonhead, who has become a wanted criminal.

Falling Number (Max Interactive Studio, 13th Jul, $3.99) - Falling Number is a SUPER addictive puzzle game with Minimalistic & Elegantly designed approach, which entertain you for hours and relieve the stress with more fun. The Goal is to drag and drop the block to create or unlock new numbered blocks.

Fantasy Saga Frenzy (RuWaMo, 12th Jul, $4.99) - Dive into a magical realm with Fantasy Mania Frenzy! In this enchanting puzzle game, you’ll find yourself merging magical artifacts to create powerful combinations. Journey through whimsical landscapes filled with magic and puzzle it out!

Gluck (Waku Waku, 11th Jul, $6.99) - Gluck is a short adventure game that takes place in a mining company. Convert ore into cash and survive life underground as you unravel the mystery of the mine's depths. Story: To restore the water that once flowed freely in your village, you disguise yourself as a newbie miner and make your way into the mine's deepest reaches. .

Hamster Playground (We Dig Games, 11th Jul, $0.00) - Prepare for cuteness overload, relentless training, and fierce rivalry as you and your hamsters take on challenges while traversing the maze, riding a skateboard, and more! Be the first to cross the finish line to earn rewards and yummy treats

HoneyLand (Afil Games, 11th Jul, $4.99) - HoneyLand, is a charming puzzle with a turn-based strategy. Help Mr. Fluff to drink all the honey from HoneyLand! Discover HoneyLand, a wonderful and alive island. A paradise where the greatest honey worshipers seek to feel satisfied and happy. Who else could show up here? Yes, Mr. Fluff, a naive bear with a monstrous appetite.

Hot Lap Racing (Maximum Entertainment, 16th Jul, $29.99) - Hot Lap Racing offers a thrilling ""simcade"" racing experience driven by an in-house physics engine built exclusively for the game. Explore the dynamic history of motorsport, spanning from GT Cross to Formula 1, and engage in competitive races against friends or online opponents

Jetpack Race (Entity3, 6th Jul, $0.99) - Compete for fuel as you race to the finish line wearing jetpacks! Stick to the track or use up fuel to take short cuts to get ahead Unlock different characters and race many tracks!

Let’s Aim! Shooting Gallery (SAT-BOX, 11th Jul, $5.00) - Gear up for a carnival game classic: shooting gallery! Hit as many targets as you can and become a shooting gallery master!

Let’s Journey (Upscale Studio, 8th Jul, $9.99) - Let's Journey - idle clicker rpg in amazing fantasy world. Choose your hero, roll dice and embark on an epic adventure! During the journey you will defeat hundreds of monsters, find rare equipment and meet legendary dragons.

Let’s School (PM Studios, 16th Jul, $19.99) - In Let’s School, you take on the role of a principal tasked with the challenge of revamping and managing your alma mater! The game features two core mechanics: the construction and designing of the school and managing the dynamics of students and teachers.

Lunch Box Ready (QubicGames, 12th Jul, $4.99) - Get your order, and show off your organizing skills by creating an aestethic lunch. Let your imagination run wild as you explore breakfast and dessert options to create the ultimate box that will bring a smile to your customer's face.

Moonshine Inc. (Klabater, 11th Jul, $19.99) - In our game, you take on the role of a young moonshiner. You will progress through main missions, you’ll be performing side quests, and running into road events during deliveries - the life of a moonshiner is ever-exciting and full of surprises...

Muv-Luv Alternative Remastered (aNCHOR, 11th Jul, $39.99) - Muv-Luv Alternative is a direct sequel to Muv-Luv Unlimited, and is the grand finale of the Muv-Luv saga. Step back into the cockpit and prepare for deployment in Muv-Luv Alternative, the most critically acclaimed visual novel of all time.

Muv-Luv Remastered (aNCHOR, 11th Jul, $29.99) - One of the most influential visual novels of all time, and a school love story like no other. This remastered release comes with a brand new, easy-to-use interface. The game contains the first two arcs: Extra, and Unlimited.

My Virtual Pet (GAME NACIONAL,6th Jul, $9.99) - Play with your pet to earn coins and customize your home to reflect your style. Don't forget to care for your pet by giving it food, baths, and plenty of restful moments.

Naheulbeuk's Dungeon Master (Plug In Digital, 9th Jul, $29.99) - Your mission, should you choose to accept it! Embody Reivax, the servile (or not) steward of the Dungeon of Naheulbeuk. Years before the first incursion of fearless adventurers, you are tasked to build, develop, and populate the wobbly tower. Above all, try not to upset your master, the evil sorcerer Zangdar. Are you up to the task?

Neckbreak (RedDeer.Games, 5th Jul, $23.99) - Find yourself in a future city full of gangs, mafias, and other shady people. Become a vigilante who works during the day, and gets into a killing frenzy at night. Hop in the car, select a destination, and explore every corner of Crimson Tide.

Night Reverie (Somber Pixel, 11th Jul, $14.99) - Night Reverie is a Puzzle/Adventure game in which a child must solve the mystery behind the distortion of his house. Enjoy a variety of dream-like environments and discover the truth behind this bizarre place. There must be an answer to all of this and a way to return things back to normal.

Offroad Truck Simulator (SimulaMaker, 12th Jul, $9.99) - Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled adventure in "Offroad Truck Simulator," the ultimate 3D truck simulation game. Step into the rugged world of offroad trucking and prove your driving skills as you conquer the most challenging terrains.

OGRE TALE -鬼譚- (MAGES., 11th Jul, $19.99) - Ogre Tale is an arcade-like swordplay action game, A fusion of hack and slash games with training elements It is a mission-clear action role-playing game. Set in modern Japan, you will fight against yokai as the "Three Ogre Sisters" who are descendants of the ogre tribe.

Over Horizon X Steel Empire (ININ Games, 18th Jul, $14.99) - Get ready for a real space adventure! In Over Horizon, you and your trusty spaceship will traverse a number of bizarre worlds. With three different weapons which you can upgrade and combine any way you want, you will face the massive bosses and various enemies that will come your way.

Parasol Stars – The Story of Bubble Bobble III (ININ Games, 11th Jul, $9.99) - In this critically acclaimed TAITO classic, available on modern consoles for the first time, the now-transformed Bubby and Bobby embark on a mission to save their neighboring planets. But this time, instead of blowing bubbles, our favorite duo swings colorful parasols filled with magical powers.

Primal Survivors (Afil, 11th Jul, $4.99) - Discover the exciting world of Primal Survivors! Are you prepared for the craziest adventure of all time? Meet Primal Survivors, a survival game filled with unique and bizarre creatures!

Princess Maker 2 Regeneration (Bliss Brain, 11th Jul, $39.99) - The “Princess Maker” series pioneered the social simulation genre, allowing the player to act as a father who raises a young girl, and it continues to be popular to this day. Among the many titles in the series, “Princess Maker 2” is the most popular. - Read our Princess Maker 2 Regeneration review

Project Drift Japan Challenge (404, 14th Jul, $7.99) - Drift on the famous mountain roads in Japan! Driving various Japanese cars! Challenge local fleets! Drift on the famous mountain roads in Japan! Driving various Japanese cars! Challenge local fleets!

Prune & Milo (JanduSoft, 11th Jul, $10.49) - Prune & Milo, a sister and a brother, are enjoying their sunny vacation while camping... During a walk, Milo falls into a ravine and ends up in a mysterious cave. Shortly after, he finds a stylish sword. Prune manages to join him and discovers a bow. The two children try to find a way back to the campsite..

Puzzle Playground (Asylum Square Interactive, 14th Jul, $6.99) - Dive into a world of vibrant, beautifully drawn scenes. Tailored for kids, toddlers, preschoolers, and parents, this enchanting puzzle adventure takes you from beach trips and park fun to camping, swimming, snowy escapades, and school activities.

Return To Abyss (Wingjoy Games, 16th Jul, $4.99) - You will play the role of a heroic spirit resurrected from the dead, accept the entrustment of the God of Chaos, and once again enter the terrifying abyss that has long been occupied by demons and monsters!

Robin Hood: Shogun Samurai (MagicProStudio, 13th Jul, $4.99) - Embark on an exhilarating journey through the feudal world of honor and intrigue in "Robin Hood: Shogun Samurai," a gripping action-adventure that casts players as a legendary samurai hero. With the fate of a kingdom hanging in the balance, it falls upon you to hone your swordsmanship, confront formidable adversaries, and emerge triumphant to restore harmony.

RPM – Road Punk Mayhem (eastasiasoft, 17th Jul, $6.99) - Get ready for a high-octane adventure in RPM - Road Punk Mayhem, a top-down vertical shoot’em up that combines intense bullet hell mayhem with cel-shaded style! Inspired by arcade genre classics, RPM - Road Punk Mayhem lets you choose from 3 pilots of questionable sanity as you cruise through post-apocalyptic stages laying waste to enemy vehicles

Shy Dogs Hidden Orchestra (Mens Sana Interactive, 12th Jul, $4.99) - Another Hidden Orchestra will be on tour! The puppies are clumsy, but they are musical! The Shy Dogs Hidden Orchestra is a hidden object game with musical elements.

siMarket Supermarket Simulator (Halva Studio, 12th Jul, $7.99) - Step into the bustling world of retail management with siMarket! ! ! The ultimate supermarket simulator! in this immersive game, you are the mastermind behind every aspect of your very own supermarket. From stocking shelves to managing customer transactions, every decision is in your hands.

Stories From The Outbreak (AbsoDev, 16th Jul, $19.99) - The year is 2020. A new virus – the New Death – has begun turning people into violent zombies. The government has collapsed, and a brutal paramilitary group has taken control over most of Latvia. The streets are not safe, and the police or army will not protect you.

Sunlight Scream (Valkyrie Initiative, 11th Jul, $6.99) - Friendship, romance, betrayal, secrets, intrigue - it's all about Sunlight City! Moving from Los Angeles to a small town, Max immediately finds himself in a whirlwind of events that will not let you breathe easy.

Toon Roads : Superbike (Ultimate Games, 11th Jul, $4.99) - Get behind the handlebar of your favourite superbike and race against your opponents on many specially prepared tracks which are filled with lots of turns. The tracks are located in different sceneries. Start a race and try to take the highest place on the podium to earn as much money as possible.

Vac Attack (Entity3, 13th Jul, $0.99) - Power up your vacuum and suck up the sandmen! Take out their legs, arms, body and head and watch them panic! Suck them up before they reach you!

Vacuum Ball (404, 12th Jul, $4.99) - Every level has a unique layout of cubes and spheres with different kinds of colors. All cubes get attracted to the ball you are controlling. You have to avoid the colored ones (red, blue, etc) and collect the white ones.

WEJAM (Interaction Ideas, 11th Jul, $10.99) - Regardless of age or musical knowledge WEJAM allows you to create beautiful melodies and connect with people around the globe for a multiplayer jam session. WEJAM is built with smart algorithms that will make your jam sessions always sound great and in tune.

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