Nintendo Switch Online
Image: Nintendo

The Switch Online + Expansion Pack service might not have launched in the best state, but it's slowly improved over time with more consoles, games, and DLC offerings. Nintendo is still looking at ways to enhance this service for users, and with this in mind, it's now sending out a survey.

Multiple members have reported receiving one of these surveys, which asks players to share their experience with the higher tier so far and takes about five minutes to complete. This was highlighted on the 'casualnintendo' subreddit, with a user noting how this could be "the only way changes get made".

This isn't the first time Nintendo has sent out a survey about Switch Online. It follows the local release of the "mature" Nintendo 64 application last week, which was pre-loaded with Perfect Dark and Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. Nintendo also added Metroid: Zero Mission and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Four Swords to the Game Boy Advance library in the same wave.

Earlier this month, Nintendo was advertising new roles for the Switch Online service ahead of its next-generation hardware announcement this fiscal year. Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa has also previously noted how the Switch successor will utilise the existing account system to make the transition to the next generation machine as smooth as possible. And going forward, the company wants to create a "lasting relationship" with consumers.

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