Sonic X Shadow Generations
Image: SEGA

Sonic X Shadow Generations remasters the original title and adds a brand-new Shadow the Hedgehog campaign.

This upcoming release and Sonic Colors Ultimate have led to speculation about what other Sonic games could potentially return in the future, and now Sonic Team's head Takashi Iizuka has responded to a question about this during a chat with IGN - mentioning how fan requests will be considered.

Here's exactly what he had to say:

Takashi Iizuka: "So when we remastered Sonic Colors and it was Sonic Colours Ultimate, we wanted to kind of think about what we could bring next as a remastered title, and at that time Sonic Generations was kind of what everyone was really wanted, and was really hungry for, so that's why we chose to do Sonic Generations and we added in the Shadow Generations portion, but depending on what people like out there, if there's a title people like, we'll think about it for the next remaster."

Earlier this week, Sonic X Shadow Generations locked in a 25th October 2024 release date for the Switch and other platforms.

So, after Generations, what Sonic game would you like to see get a refresh on modern systems? Let us know in the comments.