Well this is a welcome surprise! Publisher Dotemu and developer Leikir Studio have today announced that the much anticipated Metal Slug Tactics will be blasting its way onto Switch this Fall (or Autumn, if you'd like).

This one was actually revealed at E3 back in 2021 and was subsequently hit with delays before going silent in recent months. But hey, now we have a release window and a new trailer to go alongside it.

If Metal Slug Tactics has passed you by, let's give a brief refresher. As the name suggests, this one sees the iconic side-scrolling shooter series given the isometric tactical treatment. You'll have to build a roster from familiar Metal Slug faces and call on your troops' unique skills on the battlefield to defeat foes and take down bosses.

All of this is wrapped up in some positively scrumptious-looking pixel art and a rocking soundtrack from Shredder's Revenge and Sonic Mania composer, Tee Lopes. You can find a full list of the game's features and more closely inspect the visuals below.

- Discover the first tactical RPG of the METAL SLUG Series
- Experience a huge replayability with its die-and-retry roguelite progression
- Enjoy amazing pixel art graphics, a heartfelt tribute to the series
- Battle Morden’s Army in 110 hand-crafted maps and 20 different mission types
- Choose between 9 iconic characters from the series and create the perfect team
- Bring the perfect setup for every mission with 36 different weapons and 176 weapon mods
- Experiment with 36 loadouts and combos to outsmart your enemies
- Challenge iconic bosses from the METAL SLUG universe
- Headbang all the way with an amazing soundtrack by Tee Lopes

It might not be the precise release date that many of us have been eagerly anticipating, but a release window is better than nothing! We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for more Metal Slug Tactics news over the coming months.

What do you make of the new trailer? Will you be picking this one up this Fall? Blast your thoughts in the comments below.