Luigi's Mansion 2 HD
Image: Nintendo

Ahead of the launch of Luigi's Mansion 2 HD for the Nintendo Switch next week, Walmart in the US has reportedly been cancelling physical pre-orders.

As highlighted by GoNintendo, the "exact same situation" that played out with pre-orders for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door last month is now happening with Luigi's new release. The retailer is once again offering a discount code of $25 on the next purchase over $45 as an apology but hasn't explained why it's cancelling orders.

Although this did happen with Paper Mario recently, as the source mentions, some physical copies of the game were still shipped to customers in the end. Nintendo at the time was apparently only offering physical copies of the games in store. If we hear any updates or developments we'll let you know.

Have you had any issues pre-ordering a copy of Luigi's Mansion 2 HD? How about Paper Mario? Let us know in the comments.