Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Image: Nintendo Life

Although Nintendo has done some big reveals at The Game Awards, it's not been involved in the Summer Game Fest. Creator Geoff Keighley has mentioned in a recent Q&A how he hopes that can change in the future.

Speaking about the major first-party companies (aka the big three) - Keighley noted how Summer Game Fest has maintained good relationships with "Microsoft and PlayStation" but hasn't quite got the same history with Nintendo.

Unsurprisingly, he would love to see this change:

"Never really had Nintendo be a big part of Summer Game Fest yet, we always hope that it'll be the right year for them to come in and get involved, but it hasn't happened yet."

Geoff went on to mention how he understands everyone is running on their "own playbook and plan" - especially at this time of year, but is fine with it, as there are "so many games out there" and not everything can realistically be covered during the show or across this particular event.

"It's nice to have a couple announcements from companies, but it's nice to spread things around across different places...they kind of need their own thing to support all that's an always evolving landscape...Summer Game Fest is you know, is not just a two hour show, it is really is a whole sort of time period...we don't lay claim to those events, those companies are doing those events but we try and bring everyone together so the audience can sort of have a journey through all these announcements"

Nintendo previously confirmed a Direct showcase would take place in June 2024, focusing on software for the Switch and the latter half of 2024. This will be followed by a Switch "successor" announcement this fiscal year.

If you would like to hear what else Geoff had to say about Summer Game Fest for 2024, you can check out a recording of his latest live stream on Twitch. He's also told fans to temper their expectations, suggesting Sora's next adventure won't be at this year's showcase.

Would you like to see Nintendo eventually play a big part in the Summer Game Fest? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.