Marvel vs. Capcom Collection Character Art
Image: Nintendo Life / Capcom

We didn't expect to see Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics during the latest Nintendo Direct. Seeing the Marvel vs Capcom fighters on modern consoles felt like a pipe dream, and with Marvel vs. Capcom 2 — one of the greatest fighting games of all time — being part of the bundle, it's a dream collection.

With the announcement earlier this week, and the launch of a site dedicated to all seven games in the collection, Capcom has uploaded some stunning high-definition character art for five of the seven games. Huge thanks to SeventhForce for highlighting this on Twitter.

A lot of this art hasn't been widely available up until this point, with Marvel vs. Capcom 2's in particular only being available in low quality, so we've picked some of our favourites to feature here. Don't worry, just because we don't feature a piece of art or character, doesn't mean we don't like it — MvC2 has over 50 characters alone, so we're spoilt for choice. It's also just cool to see how the art style has changed over the years, with the thinner lines and more muted colours of MvC2 giving the art style a more "mature" comic-book style compared to the thicker lines and brighter colours of the earlier games.

The games using high-definition art are X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes, Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes, and The Punisher.


One of Street Fighter's most-notorious antagonists, Akuma has regularly taken up the same role in the Marvel/Capcom crossovers. And, as a play on those classic Ken and Ryu designs, Akuma absolutely delivers.

What's more, in this new collection, Cyber Akuma will be playable in Marvel vs. Street Fighter, so we had to feature his design (below). Who knew Akuma could get even more terrifying?

Cyber Akuma Marvel vs. Street Fighter
Image: Capcom


Blackheart was a playable character in the crossover fighting games long before his adversary, Ghost Rider (who got a cameo in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter). But we're not here to talk about Danny Ketch!

What both of Blackheart's appearances manage to convey is just how menacing the character is. The more-sketched version from MvC2 really emphasises the red glow from the eyes. Plus, you get a sense of just how tall he is. His Marvel Super Heroes design brings the emphasis more up-top.


Come on, you know we can't talk about awesome character art without looking at Chun-Li. She's an icon of the fighting game genre and has appeared in every single Capcom and Marvel crossover fighter.

We're in love with her render from Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, which features the high-kicking queen in a dynamic pose where she's preparing to aerial kick her opponent in the face. Some people might like that... We can't ignore the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 art either, which — while more relaxed — shows off Chun-Li in the best light.


The movies may have ruined Cyclops a bit, but those who are familiar with the comics know the beauty of this character. His appearance in almost every crossover fighting game cements his former popularity, with each appearance capturing that stoicism Scott Summers is associated with.

Cyclops' design has stayed very consistent over the years, but there's a reason for that. All of his art also features his protective glasses — along with a flash of those concussive beams — prominently, thanks to a little flash, spark, or beam of red light.

Jill Valentine

What an inspired choice. Jill Valentine was the Resident Evil at the time, particularly this close to the release of Resident Evil 3. Taking her Resi 1 design with her full STARS uniform, Jill plays unlike any other character in Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

The art manages to capture Jill's youth and inexperience, but we can tell she's also ready to take on whatever Marvel — or her Capcom peers — have to throw at her.

Jill Valentine Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Image: Capcom


We can't talk about Capcom characters without Mega-Man, can we? Amidst the more serious fighter, the blue bomber looks absolutely adorable, particularly in his MvC1 art.

Honestly, he looks adorable every time he shows up. Definitely a ray of sunshine within the competition. The various art styles really work for the character, too.


Even if you've never heard of played Darkstalkers, you've almost definitely heard of Morrigan. The Scottish-born succubus has been a mainstay in the series, and she's made plenty of popular appearances in the crossover games too.

Morrigan's character design is as iconic as it is unsubtle — there are a few reasons she's popular, after all. But what we love about her MvC1 and MvC2 renders is how differently they portray her. The first is a little more sultry and sombre, while the second portrays her playful and confident side.


How has Rogue only been in two of the Marvel/Capcom crossover fighters in this collection? Oh well. We're not going to argue right now, but know that Rogue is great, and worth highlighting here as yet another example of a simple character design done right.

The jacket, the colours, the hair — we love the different poses here too, both highlighting the different colours used in her default appearances.

Ruby Heart

If you've never played Marvel vs. Capcom 2, then you may have no idea who Ruby Heart is. As one of four original characters in the game, she actually serves as the protagonist. Plus, she's a pirate, and that's so clearly reflected in her design.

All of the classic pirate notes are hit here, but with their own little Capcom flourish. The eye patch in particular, which looks like it's attached to the hat, is extremely cool. Plus, given that Ruby is French, there are plenty of little nods to her heritage.

Ruby Heart Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Image: Capcom


Spider-Man is a no-brainer here. Arguably the biggest Marvel superhero, one of our writers in particular is a very big fan of the web-slinger.

It's hard to pick a favourite piece of Spider-Man art — both MvC1 and MvC2's art are excellent, featuring Spidey in two different dynamic poses. It looks like a still straight out of one of the comics, honestly. We're sure we've seen him in those poses before...


If you've played Marvel vs Capcom 2 competitively, you've almost definitely fought — or played with — Storm. In the right hands, she's an absolute monster.

Her character art always managed to capture this mix of grace and power perfectly. Somehow, Storm hasn't been in every crossover game — just X-Men vs. and MvC2 in this collection — but as one of this writer's favourite X-Men characters, she had to be featured. Just look at the muscles, the flow of the cape, and that beautiful mane of hair.

Strider Hiryu

When the crossover fighter expanded to include Capcom characters, Strider must've been a no-brainer for Capcom. Another one of those tailor-made fighting-game characters, Strider is such a simple, cool-looking character that is incredibly fun to play with.

His art is also perfect. The character's trademark face covering features prominently, blowing in the wind behind him, as does his sword, which Hiryu isn't afraid to show what he can do with.


Wolverine has been in every single crossover game thus-far, and who can blame the developers? Logan is practically tailor-made for a fighting game with his retractable adamantium claws and his over-the-top outfit. Those muscles on display, too? Don't mess with Wolverine.

In Marvel vs. Capcom 2, there are two playable Wolverine characters — one based on his MvC1 appearance, and the second (known as Wolverine Bone) closer to his X-Men vs. Street Fighter character. We've got the latter art featured below.

Wolverine Bone Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Image: Capcom

That's just a selection of our favourites, but there are tons more high-quality pieces of art you can scroll through on the official Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics website. Just scroll down, click on the game you want to look at, then scroll down to the character roster and click on whoever you want to look at. Boom. Done.

Let us know what your favourite character art is down in the comments.