So you know we said that Nightdive Studios' rumoured remaster of The Thing would be its next project? Well, it seems like it might its next next one, instead. The team has just announced that it is collaborating with Ziggurat Interactive to launch Killing Time: Resurrected, a remaster of the classic comedy boomer shooter from the '90s.

Arriving on Switch later this year, the remaster boasts completely rehauled visuals, no load times, updated controls, and much more. Once described as “the bastard child of Doom and The 7th Guest", Killing Time takes place within a grand mansion in which you'll face off against a horde of supernatural horrors as you work to locate and destroy the mystical Egyptian Water-Clock.

Originally released on the 3DO, Killing Time was later ported to Windows and Mac, but this marks its first official launch in over 25 years.

Let's take a look at the key features, followed by some screens:

- Murder Around Every Corner: A fright-fest for the true aficionado of first-person corridor mayhem
- Ghost Stories: Listen to the remembrances of the 7 video-real apparitions and ghostly guests. They offer clues as to what past heinous acts actually transpired in the cursed mansion
- Stunning Graphics: Look up and down and turn around with a complete 360 view. The three-dimensional mansion offers outdoor areas, staircases, and intricately detailed ceilings and floors
- Keep Your Guard Up!: The original music makes this old haunt strongly inviting, eh? But beware. Every room, every passage in the estate holds dreadful dangers
- Max Efficiency: Enjoy continuous gameplay with no load time between areas

We'll have more information on Killing Time: Resurrected, including its projected release date, very soon. And don't worry, we're still confident The Thing will be announced during IGN Live later today.

What do you make of this one? Will you be adding it to your Switch library? Let us know your thoughts with a comment in the usual place.