Update [Fri 7th Jun, 2024 21:45 BST]:

Yes, we were right!

The Thing: Remastered has been officially announced by Nightdive Studios. There's no firm release date just yet, but it's heading to the Nintendo Switch later this year. It's been enhanced with upgraded textures, models, lighting, and much, much more.

Let's check out the key features (note: a couple of these will not be relevant for Switch owners):

- Return to U.S. Outpost #31 – Continue the story of The Thing and face off against terrifying monsters, from scuttling head-spiders and human-like walkers to gigantic multi-tentacled level bosses.
- Who Goes There? – Command a squad of up to four NPCs from Soldier, Medic, and Engineer character classes through the game’s 11 frightening levels.
- The Warmest Place to Hide – Someone in your squad may not be who they appear to be. The shape-shifting alien hides inside an imitation, so keep a watchful eye.
- Don’t Lose It – Gain the trust of your squad members and minimize their fear levels lest they become defiant or, worse, succumb to paranoia.
- Ultimate Alien Terror – Upgraded models, textures, and animations hand-crafted by Nightdive, plus enhanced lighting and atmospheric effects.
- Stunning Visuals – Up to 4K 120 frames per second visuals on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.
- Checkmate – Trophies and Achievements on Windows PC via Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles.

We'll be sure to keep you updated on any additional information on The Thing: Remastered in the coming weeks and months. For now, let us know what you think with a comment.

Original Article [Thu 6th Jun, 2024 15:30 BST]:

Nightdive Studios has been on a phenomenal run recently, launching excellent remasters such as Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster, PO'ed: Definitive Edition, and System Shock (now that's a Switch 2 game waiting to happen, right?).

The studio will be making an appearance at the upcoming IGN Live event this Friday, and it's posted a cheeky little hint at what its upcoming project might be over on X. Now, unless we're making a drastic error here (in which case, we sincerely apologise), it looks like it's going to be a rerelease of the 2002 cult survival horror game The Thing.

The image shown by Nightdive appears to be a heavily cropped version of the original key art, albeit with altered colours. Thankfully, Horror Games Community has presented a neat little comparison that makes it pretty clear cut to us:

It's definitely that, right? We'd be mightily surprised if it was anything different. Either way, we're excited to find out more this coming Friday. Nightdive Studios is proving itself to be one of the most talented studios out there when it comes to reviving older games, so we've got our eyes peeled.

Originally released on the PS2, Xbox, and Windows, The Thing was an excellent adaptation of the 1982 film of the same name by renowned director John Carpenter. Developed by the now-defunct Computer Artworks, it was a fairly traditional third-person shooter that, in this writer's opinion, paved the way for classics like Dead Space.

It's interesting, we never thought we wanted a remaster of The Thing, but now that we've seen this, we can scarcely think of little else. But what do you fine folks reckon? Let us know with a comment.

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