Final Fantasy IX, the game that the father of the Final Fantasy franchise Hironobu Sakaguchi has called his favourite, is already out on Switch. It came out in 2019. It even got a physical release back in 2020.

Why, oh why, then, has Square Enix decided to re-upload the game's trailer on its Japanese YouTube account?

The series is already preparing for its 35th anniversary, and Square Enix did say its new anniversary site "will support new releases, sharing info on upcoming titles and merchandise", but this upload seems to have come at a random time, regardless.

The upload was noticed on Reddit, with one user claiming it's potentially to promote a new physical release (that's actually a code in a box, hrmph):

Alternatively, we already know that Final Fantasy IX is getting an animated show, which should have entered production earlier this year. And there have been rumours of a remake of this classic entry for a while. Final Fantasy VII doesn't need to get all of the love, does it? Give us something, Square Enix.

We suppose, until we hear more, we'll just have to make do with playing as Vivi and Steiner in Chocobo GP. Or listening to the soundtrack over and over again, courtesy of Square Enix's new music channel.

What do you think reposted trailer means? Are you one of those who want to see a remake of Final Fantasy IX? Let us know in the comments!

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