We've been covering a lot of Nintendo-related YouTube music news recently, and with good reason. From its copyright claims on beloved video game music YouTube account GilvaSunner to the entire Pokémon Diamond and Pearl soundtrack being uploaded to the video-sharing website, it's been a hot topic.

Fortunately, Square Enix is making the news today for the right reasons. It seems that yesterday, the company started uploading some of their most beloved soundtracks to the Square Enix Music Channel.

The official YouTube channel has a range of soundtracks to tickle your eardrums with, from the Final Fantasy series to Mana, SaGa, and even The World Ends With You games; the channel looks to be a hub for every classic soundtrack the studio has put out over the years. There are even some playlists to suit whatever mood or flavour of Square Enix music you fancy. We will certainly be using these frequently to write about Nintendo news for you!

There has been no shortage of legendary composers who have worked with Square Enix on their games, such as Nobuo Uematsu, Yasunori Mitsuda, Kenji Ito, and Yoko Shimomura (among many others). Many of these soundtracks are already available of Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, but it's great to have them available for free on another widely-used platform.

Here's a selection of some of our favourite Nintendo Square Enix soundtracks that are currently on the channel:

Final Fantasy VI

Romancing SaGa 2

Secret of Mana

Chrono Trigger

The World Ends With You

Bravely Default

Octopath Traveler

This list is nowhere near exhaustive, and there are some notable omissions, such as the fantastic Bravely Default II soundtrack — though that game only came out a year ago. But this list is from some of their most popular games, so we recommend you start there and then maybe branch out to some of their arrangement albums! Of course, you can always go and listen to the NieR series' music, too, which is just incredible.

What's your favourite Square Enix soundtrack? Let us know down below!

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