With recent additions to Fortnite including such luminary guests as the Mandalorian (with child), Sarah Connor (with Terminator), and Ripley (with Xenomorph), it's clear that no suggestion made around the meeting tables in Epic HQ is too 'out there'. Chun Li? Chuck her in! Predator? Everyone's a winner! Tron? On yer bike!... no, we'll take it.

Continuing the multiversal crossover theme, Chapter 2 Season 6 — known as 'Primal' — brought about the arrival of Lara Croft as well as various map changes, a new crafting system, and wild animals roaming around a new prehistoric biome. Unhatched eggs had been littering the landscape, but those eggs have hatched and players taking the plunge off the battle bus will now have to contend with packs of velociraptors roaming the island.

These clever girls join the ranks of beasties that came with the Primal update, including wolves, boars, chickens and, most terrifyingly, frogs. It's wild out there.

It's not all bad news, though. These raptors can actually be tamed if you've got some raw meat handy, so they go from cunning, vicious predators to good bois — Jurassic Park to Jurassic World, if you will. Actually, we're not sure that's a compliment, but you take our meaning.

Clever Girls
Image: Epic

A prelude to a Jurassic Park crossover? Given the crossovers we've seen over the last couple of years, it surely can't be long until we're zooming across the landscape in a Jurassic Park jeep.

The game recently got updated with performance and resolution boosts on Switch, too, which is nice. Let us know below if you'll be taming these reptilian rovers and testing out the resolution gains over the next few days.