The Zero Crisis Finale might have just capped off Agent Jones' storyline, bringing Fortnite a reality-bending narrative, but Epic Games isn't dialling it down just yet for its popular Battle Royale. Officially calling it "Primal", Season 6 has launched today, releasing a new cinematic with it.

Most notably, Primal brings in some map changes, incorporating a prehistoric biome around the island's centre. Wild animals are also roaming about, ranging from frogs to wild boars. We've also got a new crafting mechanic, letting players build makeshift weaponry by using hunted wildlife and disused tech.

In keeping with last season's licenced guest characters, Tomb Raider's own Lara Croft is now joining, marking her first appearance on a Nintendo platform since 2008's Underworld. Notably, you swap between her classic design, the prequel trilogy look, a Midas theme, and an unlockable retro-inspired outfit.

Lara Croft - Fortnite Skins
Image: Epic Games

Lara's joined by Raven from Teen Titans, and – at a later date – Brazilian football star Neymar, making for quite an unusual group. It's a strong start for Season 6, and we're curious to see what other tie-ins Epic Games has planned.