Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 might not get quite as much love as certain other first-party Switch titles nowadays, but Nintendo still is releasing some minor updates for it, fixing bugs and adjusting the game balance. The latest one - Version 5.2.1 - was actually released earlier this week.

Below are the full details, according to the official Nintendo support page:

Changes to Multiplayer

-Fixed an issue where if the player had Dualie-type weapons equipped, they could travel farther in the air than intended when dodge-rolling, as the result of a certain combination of movements.

-Fixed an issue where the player could land in a different location than intended if they activated a Booyah Bomb and then quickly ended the effect.

As you can see, this one contains a few fixes. This update follows on from last month's Splatfest (Team Ketchup got revenge) and the series' fifth anniversary.

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