This image comes from the first game's initial reveal back in 2014!

Five years ago (well, five years and a day ago, actually) the original Splatoon inked its way onto the Wii U. It was an exciting and fresh take on the online shooter and a completely new venture for Nintendo - and boy are we happy that it was released.

Splatoon and its sequel, Splatoon 2, have arguably been two of the most important games in Nintendo's recent history. They've helped the company to embrace the eSports scene with more conviction than ever before, with tournaments being regularly held all around the world, and through regular updates, in-game Splatfests and more, have helped to create yet another dedicated, passionate fanbase.

That second point has been proven once again this week, with more fans than we could ever hope to count taking to social media to thank Nintendo and fellow Splatoon fans for some great memories over the past five years. Some have decided to share special pieces of artwork to commemorate the occasion, and we thought it'd be nice to share some of these with you below.

And hey, you don't have to be a master artist to get involved.

Happy 5th anniversary, Splatoon (even if we're a day late). Here's to a lifetime of success and plenty more excellent games. Stay fresh!