It's fair to say that giant Chinese conglomerate Tencent has its fingers in a lot of pies, video game-related and otherwise. The holdings company owns stakes in a large number of game companies across the globe including League of Legends developer Riot Games (which it fully owns), Epic Games, Activision Blizzard and Ubisoft to name just a few. They also brought huge MOBA Arena of Valor to Switch last year.

According to Daniel Ahmad, a Senior Analyst at Niko Partners, the company is on the lookout for a game developer with experience porting games to Nintendo's Switch. You can read Ahmad's tweet below:

As Ahmad notes, Nintendo is currently working with the company to launch Switch and localise games for China, and Tencent has also been looking to acquire more studios in addition to the many it already has in its brimming portfolio.

What this news means specifically is unclear - the company has various mobile games that could realistically make the jump to Switch. The image in the tweet mentions experience with Unity and/or Unreal, but with so many games using those game engines, it hardly narrows the field. Still, with the Switch's library of brilliant ports growing exponentially, it seems that we haven't seen the last of them on Nintendo's little system just yet. Keep 'em coming, we say.

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