One game that you may be struggling to make time for during this busy period of the year is Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age. It's an absolutely epic JRPG featuring a heartwarming and well-paced narrative, supported by a cast of fantastic characters, a dense overworld packed with dozens of hours of content, and one of the finest soundtracks ever heard.

In our review, we gave it nine out of ten stars – so what does Digital Foundry think of it on the technical front? John Linneman recently got around to taking a look at it and found it to be one of the "more impressive" conversions he's encountered on the Switch so far. While there are a lot of sacrifices in this version, most are "smart and subtle enough" to avoid spoiling the experience.

The Switch iteration has a dynamic resolution and hangs between 1280 x 720, 1408 x 792 and 1440 x 810 when docked. In handheld mode, the results are around 540p on average. In terms of performance, it runs at a "stable" 30 frames per second – matching the original PlayStation 4 release. In battle, there are some occasional dips and spikes, but it's all incredibly minor.

Overall, this version is a "remarkably impressive" port and is considered to be up there with the best high-end conversions like DOOM. Get the full rundown in the video above and share your thoughts about the game in the comments.