Image: @teamkirby92

We often find ourselves banging on about how jealous we are of those living in Japan, and at least 70% of that jealousy comes from the nation's incredible range of Kirby merchandise.

If you don't believe us (or just want to see some of it for yourself) feel free to check out any of the following. In recent times, we've seen a Where's Waldo? style book, a puppet (although this one is actually quite terrifying), Kirby and Waddle Dee costumes for your cat, a plush Kirby designed with the sole purpose of putting your head in its mouth to go to sleep, and an excellent range of merch from the official Kirby Cafe. What a world.

Now, though, even more greatness is on the way thanks to an upcoming Kirby-themed Ichiban Kuji. If you're unaware, Ichiban Kuji is essentially a lottery that can be played in game shops and convienience stores. Players buy tickets in the hopes of picking up various prizes, and this Kirby selection will be up for grabs at the end of April.

In some ways, we're quite lucky that we don't live in Japan; can you imagine having to resist buying tickets for this? Good grief.

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