Here's the story you've all been waiting for, folks: official headdresses featuring Kirby and friends have been revealed for Japan, designed for your precious little kitten chums.

As you can see, the lineup includes designs for Kirby, wide open-mouth Kirby (if that's how you'd choose to describe it), Waddle Dee, Kirby on a Warpstar, and King Dedede. Each design has a circumference of 28cm to 29cm, aiming to fit nicely on any feline.


No specific release date or price information has been revealed just yet, but the designs are expected to become available in September this year via Japanese toy vending machines. If your kitty has a birthday coming up - this could be the perfect treat!

We must admit, none of the cats in the image look particularly happy about wearing these Kirby outfits, but hopefully they were just saving their excitement for when the cameras went away. 

So what do you think? Nice? Adorable? Just plain weird? Let us know if you'd like to get one down below.

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