Is it possible to have too much Kirby? We're not convinced so, and a new book announced in Japan has taken that sentiment to the next level. In addition to the mountain of merch already devoted to the pink one, Let's Find Kirby is an official book in the vein of Where's Waldo? (or Where's Wally? for UK readers) where you must find a specific Kirby in a crowd of clones.

According to NintendoSoup, it'll have 24 pages full to the brim with the saviour of Smash Bros. and you'll be tasked with finding a specific Kirby amongst the hundreds across the page (the one with a balloon, for example, or the one brandishing a Star Rod). Check out the cover below:


There's no word on a western release for this pink and puffy publication, although preorders are available with worldwide shipping from

We'd imagine it'll be easy enough to enjoy without being able to read Japanese, assuming you've got an application on your phone to help decipher which exact Kirby you're looking for - it'll be a considerable challenge, otherwise.

Enjoy searching for a piece of hay in an incredibly large stack of needles? Are there any other characters from Nintendo's roster that would work well in this sort of book? Share your thoughts with a comment.

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