It seems like only yesterday that we learnt that Sega and Griptonite were working on a Shinobi game for the 3DS. Time moves fast on the interwebs however, and thanks to a recently leaked trailer we know a little more about the new Shinobi game.

Recapping the series' history, the trailer below shows the following Shinobi games and closes with the statement "lovingly reimagined for 3DS":

The video glosses over several, less memorable games in the Shinobi canon, such as the lacklustre Cyber Shinobi on the Master System and the rather nifty GG Shinobi (the first Game Gear Shinobi game) which is already confirmed as a download on the 3DS Virtual Console service. The less said about the Gameboy Advance Revenge of Shinobi game the better!

SEGA has responded to the video with "no comment" but has confirmed we'll find out more information later this week.

Here's the leaked trailer so you can see for yourself: