Online Tetris action in Tetris Party

Tetris Party is the latest installment of the endlessly entertaining Tetris series. With 18 different gameplay modes and an online versus mode, this is yet another refreshing take on the series and recommendable to any puzzle game fan. In our review we do mention that it's probably going to be a bit more appealing if you're going to be playing multiplayer - The single player modes are fun, but won't hold your attention for too long. This costs 1200 Wii points.

The Incredible Maze is a game by Digital Leisure, the creators of the popular arcade game Dragon's Lair. The basic concept is simple - Tilt the Wii remote or Balance Board to move a ball through various mazes. As we unfortunately found out, however, it only looks interesting in screenshots and videos - Much like Dragon's Lair, once you start playing it, you'll realize how shallow and boring it really is. This costs 500 Wii points.

The only game that's somewhat of a surprise is Home Sweet Home, by the newer developer Big Blue Bubble. In this game, you play an interior designer who is asked by various clients to decorate their homes. It looks fairly interesting for those who like games such as The Sims, but it's anyone's guess if the game is enjoyable for a longer time. Look out for our review in the next few days.This costs 1000 Wii points. Check out the interview with Big Blue Bubble which we did some time ago.

Sadly, if you were expecting Alien Crush Returns, Strong Bad Episode 3 or Space Invaders (Which was actually promised for an October release!) this week, you'll have to wait longer!

Also available today, but at a later time, is some more downloadable content for Mega Man 9 - This time, you'll be able to download the special stage, hero mode, and superhero more, for only 100 Wii Points each.