Below is the official contest announcement from Riverman Media containing all the details of the contest.

The creators of MadStone want to put your skills to the test. Now that MadStone has been out a couple of weeks, we would like to challenge our fans to complete MadStone on the hardest difficulty: The hidden Savant mode. If you are able to beat the 1-Player game on Savant Mode, we will immortalize your name and list your score on our Top Players Board. But that's not all. The first twenty players to submit their scores will win 2000 Wii Points™ (US residents only). And last but not least, one of these twenty players will have their likeness included as a character in RiverMan Media's next game! That's right, YOU could be in our next WiiWare™ game!

To play the game on Savant Mode, choose a 1-Player game and Arcade Mode from the title screen. Then, on the "Choose Difficulty" screen, press down on the D-Pad about 10 times. If you enter the code correctly, the cursor will move below Master difficulty and the game will begin in Savant mode.

If you win Savant Mode without using any other cheat codes, the game will give you onscreen instructions for informing us here at RiverMan Media. You will be asked to email us your score, your completion code (given on the victory screen), and a picture of the screen so that we can verify that your score is valid. The email address is also given on the completion screen.

We know the MadStone Challenge is tough... real tough. No matter what score you get, as long as you win without cheats, we'll put you on the MadStone Top Players Board.

Get shaking!

If you're one of the lucky ones to score a win in the contest, be sure to post your results on here for all to see. And good luck to everyone! (You're going to need it)