See if you can figure out the rest of this puzzle!

The game, developed by Genki, was released in Japan way back in March as one of the WiiWare launch titles. It's a pretty simple puzzle game where you try to fit oddly-shaped puzzle pieces into a board - There's only one solution though, as the pieces will end up being a tight fit, filling the entire board.

While that may sound interesting, the game's downloadable content is far from glamorous - There's a total of 9 puzzle packs available in Japan at the moment, each containing 25 extra puzzles plus a slight graphical makeover - But each of these packs costs 500 Wii Points, meaning you'll have to dish out a total of 5500 Wii Points if you want the game and all its DLC!

We don't know if the game will keep its DLC outside Japan or if it'll be cheaper, but nevertheless this could become an expensive affair!